Should I change my Medifast weigh in day?

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Ok - I have gone off plan about three times - three days after starting. Each other time I just changed my weigh in day - should I change my weigh in day or still weigh in on weigh in day? Thanks for help!..

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Weigh in on your regular day. It's really important to maintain a schedule and it "keeps you honest" about your choices. You will do better. Best of luck!..

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Hi peeklee! totally agree with joan, just keep your regular day. once you get on a schedule, it becomes much easier.

Are you logging your food? that is soo helpful to me, they have just about anything you can think of in there (medifast one) and also the daily plate is another website i've heard good things about..

You'll do great - just keep plugging away and when you see how much weight you're losing, and how much better you feel, it will feel sooooo amazing! I know you can do it! xxoo cricket..

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Weigh in on your weigh in day. Then, stay on program from now on. You'll be much more successful...

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Do whatever feels right to you.

Sometimes a new beginning and putting lessons behind you feels good too..

Hang on tight! You can do it. Keep posting. It will help you. Post every hour if you have to on this thread. Let the community help you get a full week in on plan. ((hug))..

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I don't think your weigh-in day is the problem. You need to stay on the program..

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Thanks for all that sent encouragment! I can do this!..

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Hi Peeklee...I agree with most of the others and say weigh in on your regular weigh in day. I don't think it is a coincidence that you keep delaying your weigh-in day and then continue to have a hard time staying on plan. I'm a big choices and consequences person...and sometimes seeing the consequences that a choice brings...aka...on the scale...helps in discontinuing that choice in the future. And...if you are able to stay on plan, you are going to see the consequences of that choice on the scale the scale going down.

Just hunker down and get through those first few hard days on plan...and then it does get easier...I swear it does. Unfortunately, right keep going off plan just about when you are going to reach the promised land aka ketosis...and then by going off plan, you have to start again at square one.

Hugs and best of luck to you!.


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Regular weigh-in day. Not facing the scale consequences doesn't mean there aren't any. Better to own it and move on...

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