Should I change my goal weight with Nutrisystem?

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What do you think?.

When I first started, I set a goal to lose 50 pounds. I was at 215, and wanted to get down to 165. This would be healthier, and smaller than I usually live most of the time. I have never been below 165 (well, maybe since 5th grade LOL). So I set that as my goal..

Once I started NS, and found how easy it is, and how much I love it, I felt confident, and know that I can lose more than 50. I have a new ultimate goal of 135. THis is huge for me, but know that I can do it..

If I reach 165, Nutrisystem will send me a "Goal" bear, right? It will truly be an accomplishment for me to reach 165..

But if I set another goal of 135, that will be a bonus for me. (with or without the bears).

Whattaya think? What should I do? Leave my goal at 165 and get my goal bear, and then keep going for ME? Or should I change my "Goal Weight" and go all the way?.

No, it's not about the bears. But those little guys ARE important. But my question is really more about the achievement of milestones in my journey..

Hmmm... I may have answered my question just writing this... but what do you think? Anyone else do it the same way? Setting new goals?.



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Your question was: Should I change my goal weight with Nutrisystem?.

I changed my goal weight several times (kept lowering it). I'm a word person and pretty literal most of the time. So if I want to go 10 or 20 or 30 pounds below my goal, all that means to me is that my "goal" really isn't one...

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I met my initial goal and then revised it afterward and made a new goal. Do what works for you...

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I plan on revising my goal once I get (much) closer. I'll meet with my doctor again and get things set up...

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Thank you all for your input! I really appreciate it..

I think I will leave my "goal" on the site as is, 165, because it's my first real goal in this journey..

After that, I will set a new goal and keep going..


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