Should females start Murad Resurgence within first few days of period?

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Hi all, wondering how important is it for females to begin Murad Resurgence course within the first few days of their period? is that absolutely necessary? my cycle is kinda out of whack for some reason. can't seem to get in touch with my derm at the moment. appreciate any feedback. thanks...

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Your question was: Should females start Murad Resurgence within first few days of period?.

Yea I thought so too but my derm was telling me that I have to start when I get my period. I guess because I need a 2nd pregnancy test before ipledge will let me get a prescription. starting to not like ipledge. thanks for feedback..

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Ohhh, I didn't know you were talking about your period for iPledge purposes.I never had to worry about my period with the pregnancy tests, I just got them done a month apart and didn't have my period either time.iPledge is a pain...

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Just took my first Murad Resurgence pill, 40/mg. Here to offer my support. Good luck:)..

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Before your first course of Murad Resurgence, you have to have two pregnancy tests. The second one has to be done in the first 5 days of your cycle (day 1 being the first day that you have red bleeding). Your doctor's office will take the blood sample (or urine sample), send it off to the lab, and then enter your results into the ipledge system once they get them back from the lab. After your doctor has entered your results, you will be allowed to log in to answer your comprehension questions, and be cleared to pick up your prescription from the pharmacy. You only have a 7 day window to pick up your prescriptionwith day one being the day you took the pregnancy test in your doctor's office. So, depending on what day your period starts, you probably wouldn't be able to start Murad Resurgence in the first few days of your cycle anyway, but you DO need to pay attention to that first 5 days rule that I mentioned above.

Just check with your doctor if you have questions about your period. If you take birth control pills as one of your methods of contraception, it will make it a little more predictable, but even if your cycle is a little "off" some months, that's no big deal. Just wait till your period startseven if it's delayed. Good luck!..

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I didnt start mine on my perios or days before my period or w/e I was real stressed bout that too cos I had just finished but it doesnt happe nyou just have your blood test few days before appointment and then a urine test thingy day you go and then if your negative on the pregnancy test you get the tablets waheey :]..

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