Medifast recipe for Shirataki-Price Chopper?

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Hi all, I just wanted to share that I found the Shirataki noodles (angel hair and fettucini) at my local Price Chopper supermarket. They had it in the organiz food section with the Tofu next to the veggies. I was looking online but didn't want to buy large quantities before I tried them and was really surprised to find them there.

Does anybody have good recipes? I found some already on the board...

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Hi...I hated the noodles at first but that's because I got the Fettucine version and I can't take them as they are too thick and rubbery. I really prefer the angel hair ones because they are thinner and not so chewy. I made them last night actually. I rinsed and drained them. Then parboiled for 2-3 minutes and let them drain in paper towels for quite some time. They have a lot of water and if you don't drain then you get watery dinner.

And I threw it all together and baked at 350 for 25 minutes. I think that cooking them more makes them absorb the sauce and be more flavorful, as well as in my opinion helps with the texture, which if you haven't tried them yet, takes some getting used to. But they are a great way to curb the carb craving and if you miss pasta this will make you happy. There are also a lot of other recipes here for the Shiratakis if you go to the search function. Good luck...

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Thanks Bettina. I will try your recipe maybe today...

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I don't even know if we have a Price Chopper nearby but I will check now. On Sunday I went to Trader Joe's and 3 large Asian markets but couldn't find them I checked the nearest whole foods website but I don't think they have them either. I'm desperate to try these noodles, but don't want to order in bulk until I can sample them AND I don't want to pay $8 shipping for just a few bags from - FRUSTRATING!!.



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Safeway in San Francisco carries them, across from the produce in the cold case with the tofu. Maybe try a local Safeway?.

Best of luck.


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I haven't ever seen anyone on here from Utah. Yoo Hoo, Utahns. I you're out there, does anyone know of a place in Utah where you can buy these noodles? I'm a pasta fanatic and willing to buy in large volumes, but they aren't currrently available on the Miracle Noodle website ..... not for 3 weeks, it says. I would love to get my hands on them sooner than that ..... anywhere!..

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Kimberli, I'm in Utah and I found them at Wild Oats. They are in the section by the dairy free cheese. I found them at the downtown SL and the Park City stores. Good luck...

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Yay, Shannon! You're my hero! I didn't realize you were in Utah. Whereabouts are you? I'm in South Jordan. I appreciate the pointer. I'm heading to Wild Oats TODAY!.

Thanks SOOO much!..

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YAY I found shiratake noodles at the Whole Foods in Sacramento this week!! I had them tonight and loved 'em. No funky taste or texture. I don't know what "parboil" means but I read on the board to boil water, turn it off and add the nodles for 2-3 minutes. I made a peanut sauce which added about 60 calories and 4 carbs (1/2 T PB+1/2 T hot water, 1/2 T rice vinegar and a tsp soy sauce) and stir-fried with onion and red pepper and shrimp, with a little green onion and basil. It was really good. I had 1/2 a bag but honestly when I want pasta I want lots of pasta, so I think I could eat a whole bag myself and cut back on the other veggies...

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Iyeangel, You're the best. I went to Wild Oats today and bought myself 5 bags. Can't wait to try them tomorrow. Italian Spaghetti, here I come!.

I also noticed that someone at the checkout had a product called "Vegannaise". Now, I'm not vegan, but I peeked at the carbs on the bottle and there were NONE, so I'm gonna go back another day and check out some other stuff in that store. I might find a goldmine for this diet!..

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Glad you found and like the noodles. Also, thanks for the peanut sauce recipe. Yummie. That's my favorite but I have used a fake, low carb one. Didn't even think to use that 1TBSP of PB we are allowed. Enjoy!..

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Maureeheck...that sounds great and I will be making it tomorrow...but with tofu (don't like shellfish). By the way everyone...if you have an Asian market nearby, try the all Yam Shiratakialso by house foods- I enjoy both, but I like the all yam ones sooo much better...

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Yes I agree. I have tried both and like the all yam noodles better. Plus they are the ones with less carbs and calories...

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Maureenthanks for the post re: whole foods in Sacramento. I'm in Rocklin and didn't want to go all that way without them being there. I'm taking off with my ice chest on Monday!..

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Hi crazyconnie!! I'm glad that was helpful, I was so desperate to find them I figured someone would appreciate it. The funny thing is, I live south of San Jose and I was in Sacramento tagging along on my husband's bi-monthly business trip. Now I know I can send him with a cooler when I need to re-stock.

Bettinav and Paula74... The ones I got are tofu & yam flour, 3g carb (and 3g fiber, so really 0 carbs). Where do you find the yam ones?? Tnx..

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Hey Maureen.

I had my boyfriend pick some up in Koreatown (LA) on his way home. From all the research I did, I knew I would find them at an Asian market. I dont know if you have one nearby, but if you do, it is worth checking out. The bf called from the store and wanted me to choose because there were 6-10 different brands/types. I got regular (white or clear) and seaweed (it is greenish gray). The texture still has a bit of a snap, but I think if you like the Yam/tofu ones, you will like these...

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