Medifast recipe for Shirataki??

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Hi all-.

I'm interested in shirataki.. but I don't know what it is. I've never heard of it. Would I like it? Thanks!!.


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The proper URL is:

Enjoy! I love them. But DO be aware that these are japanese style noodles and NOT Italian wheat noodles; the taste and texture are different..

Good luck...

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Have you tried these? Is it like eating pasta, really and truely? Would my hubby and child eat them and not see much difference? How do you count them in your daily food?..

Comment #2

I love them. THey taste more like an asian noodle to me. Drain and rinse them first, I do it twice. THen I preboil them for about 10minutes. THen I add them to a broth. They have no taste on their own, so when you cook them in broth they take on whatever flavor your broth has.

They are a life saver for me, I don't miss pasta anymore. The serving size is 1.5 cup, which is a lot of noodles...

Comment #3

I ordered them from Miracle Noodles and received them yesterday. My husaband and I ate them last night and we loved them. They are a little different but it felt like I was cheating. I felt guilty eating them even though they are allowed. I will be ordering more!!..

Comment #4

Walden farms makes carbfree marinara and alfredo sauce yumm..

Comment #5

What do you count them as?.

I'm curious and want to try them, too. Wonder if the little asian supermarket by my office has some....

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I don't know about everyone else, but I just go to my local asian food market and they have a wide variety of Shirataki. I have prepared mine with cut up chicken and then some spicy shanghai sauce with about two tsp of mustard. I parboil them first of course. Makes a great stir fry as well. Sometimes I add a few bits of green onions or brocoli for color. I have yet to try them in an italian style or in a soup.

If I can find a flat noodle I have a Lasagna recipe using cottage cheese. They also apparently make things of shirataki but are in a ball form I guess as a sort of appetizer or to put in soups as well...

Comment #7

How do you weigh it.. I know it's 1.5 cups but do you measure it in a measauring cup?.

Thank you all for your input...

Comment #8

1 1/2 cups of shirataki noodles is slightly more than an entire bag so you don't even need to measure and it gives a little leeway to have a veggie based sauce. The shirataki noodles count as the green portion of your L&G meal. I have had both the noodle style and the fetuccini style and I prefer the fetuccini as it doesn't seem to stick together as much. I've tried them twice in Italian style sauce, once with vegetarian meatballs and once with quorn chicken. excellent. I buy them at Pricechopper but I am strongly thinking about ordering the specialty varieties (like lasagne noodles and the big gnocci looking noodles) from

Comment #9

Whoa, that's a lot of noodles!! I can't wait.. I'm so excited to try and find these. We don't have any asian specialty stores around.. I'll keep looking. Thank you all SOOO much!!!.


Comment #10

This may sound idiotic, but what do you mean by par-boil. I tried them and they do take on the flavor of broth but I did not like the texture. Maybe I was cooking them incorrectly??..

Comment #11

To par boil is to boil them first in plain water, and then prepare them in sauce or broth or whatever. I enjoyed them, but I like all types of ethnic noodles. I told myself before I got them they would not taste like Wheat based pasta, so mentally I was prepared. Again, they reminded me more of the asian rice noodles you get on a buffet...

Comment #12

I went to my mom's house for dinner on Friday evening. She made scallops and broccoli in a lemon garlic olive oil sauce and I brought a bag of shirataki fettuccini so she could try it. She liked it ok but wanted "real pasta". She thinks the reason I like it is because I always overcook my pasta anyways so to me it tastes almost normal. If you like your pasta "al dente" or however you spell that, be forewarned that shirataki noodles will be much mushier...

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