Medifast recipe for Shirataki noodles?

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Can anyone tell me or describe to me what these taste like I really miss pasta but the website says you have to order huge quanities dont wanna do that if they are no good, they really sound way too good to be true and next question can we have them and what do they count as???????..

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Hi Karen:.

I was a bit skeptical at first too. I bought them at Trader Joe's. I don't know if you have one where you are. (I am in California). I got the tofu ones. Not bad actually.

I did a stir fry. They take on the flavor of whatever you are making. They are kind of rubbery, not like real pasta. But, they count as your "green".

So, for example, I used 4 oz and then added my other veggies to balance out my "green", along with my meat. You have to log under the private foods section (or at least that is what I did). So, you won't see the little bar move showing you had 1/1 green.

The are actually good. Nice change.

Some of the sites on-line have sample pack orders. You can hunt around and see what you come up with.

Suz in CA.

I am making some for dinner tonight...

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I ordered from Miracle Noodle and couldn't wait for dinner time to try them (I just had a couple of bites.) They have about as much taste as plain cooked spaghetti which is to say "none" and they have an unusual texture sort of chewy, I guess some would say rubbery? Almost like gummy worms but not quite that bad. Anyway I mixed some up with my no-fat Promise (5 calories per tbsp and maybe one or two carbs if any) and just a shake of parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper I love regular pasta this way and guess what? Tasted just like "the real thing." Then I mixed some with a dad of spaghetti sauce ditto..

Jessica snowmoon? are you reading this? I thought I read a post from you saying you boil yours but mine say to just rinse and drain. A week or so ago I thought I saw a post from you saying you got yours from Miracle Noodle but maybe I was wrong and you're using a different kind?..

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I just had the yam only noodles in a stir-fry last night. ICK!!! They were rubbery and tasted like I was eating worms. Had a fishy smell and taste even tho I rinsed them. I am not a fish fan anyway but UGH! I bearly warmed them and Ewwweeee. Would rather eat any Medifast food over THAT. However, my friend who was over for dinner said she liked them.

Hope someone else has better experience with them...

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I don't boil, I parboil. Which to me is the same thing but I guess technically they're different. I let the water boil and then throw them in for two minutes after straining the water they come packed in out. I buy the tofu ones because I can get them at Pricechopper. I haven't ordered from

The parboiling makes them warm at least as opposed to just using cold noodles which I think would be gross. I've used them in stirfry, with sauce and fake meatballs, with cottage cheese, in spaghetti pie, any way I would normally have pasta. They are really filling though and if I use them for all of my green, I usually can't finish the portion. I really should just start doing them as half the green every time I make them...

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Mine say to boil for 3 min's drain and use like noodles.

I also went shopping at the Japanese mall near us, and they have so many different kinds, as well as Konnyaku (which is the same thing that the 'yam only' noodles are, just in a brick form). I haven't ever had it in that way but got that, plus the noodles - they were 89cents a pkg for a 1 serving pkg. They had them in the tofu/yam, yam only and um, the grey (it has seaweed powder in it, same nut. info though) - all in noodle form..

I'm trying to find some recipies for the konnyaku, mostly it seems to be done grilled - and that's just fine in my book. Oh, there was a free recipe booklet (it was like a couponbook size) - mostly nothing we could have on this, but certainly ideas abound. I dont have it with me,but some could be easily adapted for L&G. I will try to post it later (probalby not till this evening)..


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It seems like the tofu noodles should be part of our "lean", no? isn't tofu protein? and wouldn't the yam noodles be off limits as that is a starch vegetable? i'm very interested...i miss pasta!..

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Haha all valid questions...i've def wondered about the tofu protein thing as well but nutrition support has weighed in on shirataki noodles many times and declared them GREEN..

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I remember from a previous thread to NS, that the ones I get from are counted as the green portion. I always drain, rinse, parboil, and add to sauce. I think they taste like a a stiff version of oodles of noodles or rice noodles...

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When I want pasta, I just shave ribbons from a zucchini squash with my vegetable peeler. I have not had the opportunity to try the miracle noodles, but they sound.....interesting...

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