Medifast recipe for Shirataki Noodles?

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Okay, so I was one of the ones that was griping about the noodles and the rubbery texture. I take it back. I just made something fabulous tonight. The noodles with some low carb pasta sauce by Carbfit (they are of course out of business like all the great low carb companies) and I added some ground sirloin. I think I measured everything out right for the LG meal. After adding the sauce and letting the noodles simmer in it for a bit I feasted on what was (almost) like my Italian family's pasta dinner (which got me FAT in the first place).

You guys who haven't tried the noodles should give them a chance...

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Did you cook the noodles longer than the package says? I can't make it past the texture (and I've been a vegetarian for 20 years)!..

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I drained and rinsed and then parboiled for 2 minutes. Then threw them in a pan with the sauce and simmered a bit. THEN I put them in a baking dish, sprinkled a little non fat cheese on top and baked until the cheese melted. I got the Miracle Noodles. To me, they are 100 times better than the Tofu noodles. The first time I tried the Tofu fettucine I literally gagged and thought I would die.

Believe me, I was ready to hate them and so bummed that I had ordered the 20 pack from Miracle Noodles. When they got here I just decided I had to make them work and was surprised that I really like them now...

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How many noodles did you eat? Did you eat one whole 8 oz. pack, or just 1/2? I had the miracle noodles last night, and ate 1 pack with 1/2 cup sauce, and thought I would die by the time I finished because I was so full. I think my plan from now on will be 1/2 pack with a 1/2 cup sauce and a small salad or something...

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I'm not fond of the texture either. Ordered a sample pack and could not manage the larger noodles (ie lasagna noodles), but find I can use the smaller noodles, like the angel hair. You don't have to bite through them too much in order to eat them. Have some little pearl ones left to try. Going to melt some cheese in just a little 1/2 and 1/2 with a little salt free cajun spice for macaroni and cheese my weakness (or should I say ONE of my weaknesses ..


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I agree. I only go through 1/2 pack and was totally full...

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Darn it! I live for pasta and you had convinced me that this was worth a try, and now the Miracle Noodles site says that both spaghetti noodles and angel hair are unavailable for 3 weeks. Any ideas where else I can find them?..

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It took forever to get my Miracle Noodles. But you can go to the manufacturer and order them there as well. You can order online or there is a phone number. Personally I would not try the tofu version you can buy in the store. I prefer these and they have less carbs and calories because no tofu added. Enjoy!..

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I found a receipe in a magazine with these noodles and it is really great.

1 7oz packet shirataki Noodles.

1 10oz box of frozen spinach thawed and drained.

8oz Egg Beaters.

1 cup shredded ff mozarella cheese (I mixed cheddar and moz).

Drain and rinse the noodles and micro for 1 minute-redrain.

Mix egg beaters, spinach and cheese together with the noodles.

Pour mix into a sprayed pie pan or 8in cake pan.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes - then turn off oven and cook 15 more minutes.

You could be really creative with this one time I put onions, green pepers and broccoli.

It is so yummy and it is weird the noodles taste like noodles after it has been baked.

Let me know what you think..

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Oops I forgot to say that my husband and I split this in half and each have half. Really fills you up and works with the amounts for lean and grean..


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Wow that sounds yummie. I am going to make this tomorrow night. I agree that the noodles taste better when you bake them. I made them with tomato sauce and lean groud beef this week but I threw it all together in a casserole dish and baked it and I really couldn't tell the difference. Thanks for the recipe...

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I recently recieved my 20 pack order of the miracle noodles angel hair shiritake noodles...just so you guys know, the package says that each package is 3 servings...which is why some of you felt quite full? I personally made half a pack a serving...just cuz...

I"m going to try that recipe with the egg beaters and spinach, thanks, sounds great! Here's one I made up and my teenage son loves it too, but he did request I make his with "real" noodles.

I took chicken tenders (from costco, frozen section), and sauteed them in a little sesame oil, with some onion. Then added "MIKEE wasabe terriyaki marinade" (5 carbs per serving, also found at costco), and the noodles...i let cook awhile for flavors to meld together and WOW it's soooooo good! Has a sweet, slightly spicy flavor and really resembles good chinese food! Give it a try..

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So would half this recipe be your lean/green and snack?.

Your recipe sounds wonderful...can't wait to try it.

Thanks for sharing!..

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I got my box of shiratki noodles this week after following earlier conversations. I must have gotten one of the last boxes and they arrived in just a few days order from the Miracle Noodle site. I ordered what they had - angelhair pasta. From the posts today I am glad I got this kind. Even then, the noodles are weird to get used to in all ways - from the bag of water they come in, and then they kind of stick together and seem icky, like a buch of slimey worms or somthing living? Anyways, I was very skeptical about proceding because they are odd. For me, I just went on faith based on the fellow MFers.

They are surprisingly good, and there is lots of hope for a pasta lover like me. I will try an italian type dish next. I mean, I have like 15 of these bags of water with noodly threads in them, and then I can eat one half? What do to with the other half? How long do they stay "fresh" if such a word can be used for these weird noodles - in the fridge...

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Yesterday I bought two packages of these from Trader Joe's. And yes, I know that the tofu ones you buy in the store aren't that great, but I wanted to see if they had any possibility for me before I invested in a lot of them from MiracleNoodle or whomever..

I have to say they are the WEIRDEST looking things I have ever seen. Actually, I kind of like intrigue! LOL.

Thanks for these recipes (and I'm going to search on some more recipes for ideas)...

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Personally I tried them about a month ago and absolutely could not get thru 2 forkfuls. They just tasted nasty to me. I ended up throwing out all 5 packs I bought..

I am glad to hear others are having more luck. Me, myself... I would rather just avoid pasta...

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