SF Jello in Medifast Diet shakes / pudding?

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I added 1 1/2 teas. of SF black cherry jello powder (1/4 to 1/2 my snack for the day) to a Chocolate shake with tons of ice. OMG it tasted just like chocolate covered cherry icecream!! I can only imagine the other combinations that can be created with SF jello and shakes / pudding..

Has anyone else tried this??..

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I add SF pistachio pudding to my vanilla Medifast shake or Medifast pudding when making the "ice cream" recipe. That is awesome too.

Will have to try some of the SF jello now that you mention it's so good!..

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It sounds good. I haven't tried it because I learned on here that whatever they use to make things powdery often has a lot of carbs. Did you check the box to see how much carb you're adding? I don't have a box of jello here to look at. Remember Medifast counts gross carbs, not net...

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There is 0 calories, 0 fat & 0 carbs in 1/2 cup prepared jello. The amount of powder I use is less then used to prepare 1/ 2 cup so it has no impact on my totals for the day. I still use it sparingly though..

The puddings are a whole different issue. 1- 2 Tablespoons of dry is your whole snack for the day...

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Sounds great! An alternative to adding the flavor drops!!.

Thanks for posting....


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An entire box of SF jello brand pistachio pudding contains 6 gms carbs/30 calories.

I use 1 tsp of the dry mix when adding to my shakes or pudding..

I get about 8 tsp out of a box of SF pudding.

So that's 0.75 grams of carbs/3.75 calories per tsp.

I don't even count it and it's not effecting my weight loss.

I only use it once a day typically. Sometimes use it twice.

The white chocolate and the cheesecake SF pudding is great also. And I love the SF butterscotch too mixed in my vanilla pudding...

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Kim - Does 1 tsp make that big of a taste difference? I haven't tried the puddings yet but bought lemon, cheesecake & chocolate over the weekend...

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The answer is YES.... a HUGE difference in taste & texture! I add 1 tsp. of butterscotch to the vanilla or chocolate. I've tried chocolate and white chocolate too and they are good with banana. The pudding also comes out thick, like.....PUDDING!..

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It does make a difference for me. You may find you want it a bit stronger, but even so, the carbs/calories aren't much. I only use it in vanilla shakes or pudding so it does add flavor. It make take more if added to the Medifast chocolate shakes/pudding. I haven't added SF pudding to the chocolate pudding/shake.

While writing this I see Natalie wholeheartely says the SF jello pudding works in Medifast chocolate and banana too, cool!.

I do plan to try your SF jello suggestion once I go get some SF jello!..

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