Selecting the best Nutrisystem food for your money

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Hiya gang!.

I am currently looking through the woman's vegetarian menu, and I was wondering if some foods were more worth your money than others. For instance, the cereal is 130 calories while my Special K is 100 calories. I can get a big box of Special K for twice the amount as only two servings of Nutrisystem cereals. Also, the numbers on the oatmeal seem similar to the oatmeal I can find in stores that is also already pre-portioned (and again, much cheaper) for me.

For items such as these, is there a big deal about Nutrisystem vs. store-bought cereals? I just feel like I would be getting better deals with things I cannot find in stores usually, such as the cinnamon rolls or the eggs frita..

Any thoughts?.

Thanks in advance!..

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Your question was: Selecting the best Nutrisystem food for your money.

Key difference: protein. For me, it makes all the difference. Special K may have fewer calories, but almost all varieties don't have enough protein, same goes for the oatmeal. If you don't find yourself getting famished, then it might not be worth it for you, but I know it really helps me out to have so much protein in everything...

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I ordered items that I could not find decent equivalents for such as the breakfast pastries..

My thinking was along the lines as yours, that some items are readily available elsewhere such as oats, some of the breakfast bars and egg products...

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If you comepare, you have to compare stats. Special K high Protein would be the equivalent or nearest to the Nutrisystem stats. All our meals are properly balanced and contains protein that keeps us full and not empty calories.

Regular Special K will leave you hungry again in an hour...

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I do a similar thing. For those store equivalents (calories, protein, fat, low GI/whole grains), I purchase at the supermarket. For breakfast I buy from the store Kashi Go Lean cereal, Kashi Go Lean bars (ones with 6 to 7g of protein and ~ 130 to 140 calories), egg substitute and oatmeal (either old fashioned, steeel oats, Trader Joes frozen (to which I add some whey protein) or Quaker Weight Control and Maple Grove Farms Pancake mix. I order the scones, muffins and pancakes (b/c they are convenient) primarily. Same thing with lunch - I don't order tuna or chicken salad as I prefer to make my own. Dinner - I buy chicken breasts instead of the Nutrisystem ones...

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After about a month on the vegetarian plan, I started doing some flex meals. I found that it was easy for me to find good subs for breakfast (Kashi GoLean Crunch or Special K High protein, as mentioned by others) and lunch (a high protein Slimfast bar or shake). Since breakfasts and desserts are pretty comparable, I started subbing the Nutrisystem breakfast entrees for the Nutrisystem dessert. A Nutrisystem dinner entree is equivalent to a Nutrisystem lunch entree plus a protein (and often needs a little more fat too) so I could sub the lunches for the dinners. Voila, a 28 day order now lasts 56 days, and you can delay the AD as needed. This is particularly nice for the vegetarian plan since there are so few dinner selections to choose from...

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Also, some of the newer lunches now have as many cals as the dinners used to on the nourish program.... so the subs for lunches/dinners is more fluid... a lunch bar for dinner is almost the same cals/stats... like the trailmix or double choc.... the older nourish line lunches and breakfasts has less cals and more protein... if you have a big lots near you , they still sell this line for cheap, you can pick up some extras...

Really yummy too are cheese and you can add the veggies.....

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