Sebum and oil returning after Murad Resurgence?

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I have been off Murad Resurgence for about 3 weeks now and my sebum is coming back........its not as oily I dont know that if in time it will be as oily as it was before Murad scurred.........does that mean that I'm goin to start breaking out again???..

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Your question was: Sebum and oil returning after Murad Resurgence?.

Don't worry, my oil came back after I finished with Murad Resurgence. It wasn't as bad or close to how oily my skin was before Murad Resurgence. I haven't had a serious breakout since I started Murad Resurgence. Only time I had a breakout was when I tried vaseline on my face.(DO NOT PUT VASELINE ON YOUR FACE, IT CLOG PORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Good luck with post Murad Resurgence...

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When my sebum comes back it's not going to be as bad as before Murad Resurgence right?????am I still goin to break out with those big volcanic pimples?..

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My oily skin came back about a month after I finished Murad Resurgence but so far I have not yet had a breakout. Probably like an occasional pimple but nothing major...

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Nope, I can guarantee is not gonna be as bad as before. see the structure of the oil is changed by Murad Resurgence so it makes bacteria less hospitable in that area, also your sebaceous glands shrink, which means no volcanic pimples....i remember having some the size of an more ,,knocks on wood... just little cute should see them, therre so cute!..

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5th week post-tane here, oil is back but not as bad as before. However, I am getting random tiny pimples, a few a week, I found some on my scalp but that could be due to using a new shampoo...

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I heard that people with oily skin will age slower than those with dry skin.. that is the face will age slower.....

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Stop busting wanks everyday or have sex once in 2 weeks and you will stay oily free only for males..

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You know what? My skin has never really been extremely dry since I've been on Murad Resurgence. No oil whatsoever though, which is awesome!! My skin is so smooth and doesn't look all greasy in the afternoon. So yes, I would prefer to be like this the rest of my life...

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Well, oily skin does not always tend to show those fine lines as early as drier skin might..but too much oil on the face is not good too, so you hav to maintain it....

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