Sandwichmaker Recipes for Medifast Diet

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CodyJo has inspired me to use my sandwich maker!.

I split my L&G, so often end up needing to have a MF/L&G combo at dinner..

Indian Tacos.

An open faced taco served on fry bread at powwows..

For the Medifast version, make COT soup bread in the sandwich maker and top with seasoned ground meat, lettuce, cheese and tomato..

COT soup bread.

1 pkg Medifast cream of tomato.

1 egg white plus water to make 1/4 cup (1/14 Lean).

1/4 tsp baking powder.

Mix well, pour into sandwich maker (as many wells as needed keeping mixture level, not overflowing). Cook a couple minutes until done..


2.25 oz ground beef (seasoned with chili powder) (approx 3/7 Lean).

1 oz moderate fat cheese (1/4 Lean).

1/2 cup diced tomatoes (1 Green).

1/2 cup shredded lettuce (1/2 Green).

Recipe = 1 Medifast meal, 3/4 Lean, 1.5 Green, 1 Condiment..

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Another use for COT soup:.

COT egg bread cheese sandwich.

1 pkg Medifast cream of tomato soup mix.

1 whole egg (1/3 lean).

1.33 ounces moderate fat cheese (1/3 lean).

OR 2 ounces low fat cheese, but this makes it harder to figure healthy fat.

Beat egg in a small bowl. Add COT mix and combine well. Pour into 2 wells of the sandwich maker. Cook for a few minutes until done. Let cool for a minute or two, then cut a pocket in each piece of bread (they stay pretty fluffy and thick). Fill each with 1/2 the cheese..

Recipe = 1 Medifast meal, 2/3 Lean.

(note: choose remaining 1/3 Lean from same column, no healthy fat required).

Serving suggestion: serve with 1 cup sliced raw veggies such as cucumbers and bell peppers!..

Comment #1

Pancake Egg Muffins.

1 pkg plain or choc chip Medifast pancake mix.

2 T sugar free Maple syrup (Davinci).

1 whole egg (1/3 Lean).

Beat egg and SF syrup in a small bowl. Add pancake mix and stir until just combined. Pour into 3 sandwich maker wells and cook for a few minutes until done..

Recipe = 1 Medifast meal, 1/3 Lean, 1 condiment.

I tried to cut one in half to show how fluffy it stays, but it just smooshed where I cut it. LOL!!.

Note: on all recipes, I don't grease my sandwich maker... but others have mentioned using Pam to prevent sticking. Guess it depends on the sandwich maker. That's also why I didn't bother adding times... I'm sure they are all different! I just wait a couple minutes and keep checking until I think they look done...

Comment #2

Inspiring! I'm considering ordering COT soup next time ~ and I'm not that big a fan of tomatoes!..

Comment #3

These look awesome, Kelly! You've convinced me to order some COT soup!!.


Comment #4

Make sure to try the amazing recipes on CodyJo's blog too!.


Comment #5

Wonderful recipes!!! I also cook my COT like a pancake on the stove then add little cheese on top like a pizza!! Sometine I add some Italian seasoning to the soup mix.Yum.I don't know about you but the COT tends to burn quicker then the other soups and oatmeal on the sandwich maker. I love Codyjo's blogg infact I'm making portabella pizza tonite for dina..

Comment #6

Uhhh ... can I just say YUM?? Thanks so much for sharing!!!..

Comment #7

I made the tomato soup bread the other day and it is awesome! Will be using that sandwich maker a lot!..

Comment #8

You girls are killing me. If I come home with another kitchen gadget, my husband will freak. But, great, now I need a sandwich maker.

The recipes look awesome. Thanks Kelly and Cody...

Comment #9

Wow those recipes look good, especially the Indian Taco! I am going to make that this weekend for sure..

Also, rumor has it that Target will have a Sandwich Maker for $3 on Black Friday...

Comment #10

Can I just say WOW on the recipes here? On black friday I am picking up a sandwich maker!..

Comment #11

After all these wonderful recipes I went shopping last night for the Sandwich Maker. I found a good deal at Target. They have their own brand..Chef Mate... and it was only $10.49 (used the Target card and saved an extra 5%). Can't wait to try it out!..

Comment #12

I know many use the tomato soup bread for a mock pizza. But it turns out so cute when you make the bread in the sandwich maker, slice both pieces in half, and arrange them short sides together so you get a little square. Top with mozzarella and turkey pepperoni and broil until bubbly.

I'll post a picture next time. Today my daughter has my camera for a school project. :P..

Comment #13

That is a really good idea! I am going to have to try this too. Thanks for all these great recipes..

Comment #14

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