Medifast recipe for Salmon?

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I bought some of the individual servings of frozen salmon at Costco, as they are conveniently packaged in 7 oz. portion sizes. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to prepare?..

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I make salmon by putting a layer of sliced onions on the bottom of the pan, marinate the salmon in either lemon juice, salt, pepper and whatever other seasonings you like, or else the Medifast teryaki marinade recipe, and then lay some lemon slices on top and bake until fish is opaque and flaky at 350. Since we really aren't supposed to have fruit, instead of lemon these days I use the True Lemon powder. Just as good...

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I rub mine with some mesquite seasoning, a few sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, wrap in foil and cook on my BBQ grill ...

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I brush on olive oil on each side and sprinkle on Cajun seasoning on both sides. Then I heat my skillet on high about 5 minutes till very hot, lower to medium-high, and cook fillets till done (about 4 minutes each side). Yum!..

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Bettina - Do you still have the Medifast teriyaki sauce recipe? I did some searching in the forums and came up with nothing.....

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Great suggestions, thank you! I'm going to try one of them out tomorrow night for dinner...

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Robyn, I use the Cajun seasoning on salmon as well, I also put a little lemon and Old bay seasoning. I broil it on the highest rack of the oven. It takes hardly any time at all. This goes well with roasted Zuchinni and yellow squash.. you can roast these while broiling the fish..

Just spray with pam and sprinkle whatever seasoning you like, place in a single layer in a pan next to the fish. You have dinner ready in no time at all...

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Oh Farrell, I am looking. But basically it's soy sauce, splenda to make it sweet and ginger. I got so used to just making it that I don't have the recipe. Will snoop around and let you know...

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Yum! I love salmon. I do tend to eat it about twice a week. my favorite way of preparing it is in the oven. Simple and quick....just a spritz of Olive oil in the bottom of the pan and then I either use a good salmon rub, a little cajun seasoning or some lemon & dillcook at 375 for about 15 minutes and it is done. I also usually prepare more than one meal this way and portion out the remained. I have a "Food Saver" which is the best kitchen gadget I ever purchased. Sometimes I will not even reheat the leftovers and have it chilled on a bed of romaine lettuce and some salad veggies......

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Honestly, I steam mine and eat it plain with spinach. I love salmon. I have it a couple times a week...

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Foreman Grill. Does AMAZING salmon! I know I joke about cooking everything in the FG, like oatmeal but on this one I'm deadly serious. It's wonderful and takes about 4 minutes. I put nothing on it except lemon and pepper when it's done...

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