Salad dressing calories on Nutrisystem

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I'm sure there are a million posts on salad dressing, but I'm new (day 2)! Does the fat free dressing have to have 45 calories or less for 2 tbsp or per tbsp? I found a Ken's one I like but want to make sure it's ok..


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Your question was: Salad dressing calories on Nutrisystem.

I love the Maple Farms brands....I also use the Kraft Fat Free Italian..

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I, too, found Maple Grove the best. I haven't seen the sugar free, but my local market carries quite a variety of the fat free. Most are 20-30 calories per 2T seving. The Balsamic Vinaigrette only has 5 cals. The Raspberry is excellent on a salad of romaine, sliced strawberries and the 4 walnut halves broken into small pices. Very refreshing. I'll have to see if I can find the sugar free variety...

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If the salad dressing is fat free, then it can't count towards your fat serving. The fat serving should be 5g of fat and 45 cals...

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If you can do without having that, you'll probably be doing even better in the long run anyways. So if you like it... continue to use it...

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Look for Galeos dressings. They are low calorie and lower in sodium but full of flavor. I like the miso caesar and dijonnaise and I grill romaine with the wasabi ginger. I buy mine locally at whole Foods but you can also order online ( is the least expensive)...

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Maple Grove Farms is wonderful. I won't anything else any more. I do wish they had more kinds. They are so good...

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Walden Farms dressings come down to a matter of taste. I happen to like several of their salad dressings... Bacon Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese. I find that if I toss my salad and use a smaller amount of Walden Farms, it tastes better. There are others that will say these dressings are terrible. So, you may have to try them yourself to see if you like them. Currently, my favorite salad dressing is the Galeo's Miso Caesar, but I switch out with Walden Farms too...

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I was using the Kraft Fat Free Italian and found some Walden Farms. The WF definitely gets mixed reviews on the Boards. I finally opened the Asian Dressing from WF. I LOVE IT!!!..

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My new favorite salad dressing is A packet of ranch powder mixed w/ ff sour cream 2 tbsp is 30 cals no fat - this thick and rich - so good..

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I usually use olive oil and regular vinegar as a salad dresing. The oil counts as my fat and there is no funny aftertaste...

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As we know everyone's taste is different. I like Walden farms as long as I stick to the vinegar based dressings. I don't like the creamy ones. But I'm sure someone on the Board does..


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I use Maple Grove Farms dressings - many of their FF but especially their sugar free...the Balsamic has 0 calories a serving and the Raspberry has 5 or 10 I think...

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I'm new this week too. Has anyone tried or heard anything about the Walden Farms dressings? Supposed to be 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar. They have quiet a few different kinds..


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I agree, if you can find this, I think the Maple Grove Farms are the best I have tasted. I've tried Walden Farms, but there's some taste in there I dont like. Just check the labels, and if you are using something over, substitute it for your fat serving/count as a extra...

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Hi, everyone! Unfortunately, I can't find the sugar-free Maple Grove Farms dressings where I live, but I can get the Walden Farms dressings. So far I've only tried the Bacon Ranch and the Russian as they are the only ones with a sodium content of under 200 mg (my preference). Both are very good. I also love the blueberry syrup. I use the mayo as well, but only on my hamburgers. (It's very bland, so needs something to spice it up.) I have a friend who has tried the Balsamic Viniagrette, caramel and chocolate dips.

Hope this helps!..

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I love the Maple Farms brands....I also use the Kraft Fat Free Italian..

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