Sagging skin because of Nutrisystem?

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I am starting to have sagging and lose skin. Any suggestions on how to handle this? It is summer and I am wearing 3/4 sleeves because my upper arms look bad. Other parts can be covered. I still have more weight to lose...

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Your question was: Sagging skin because of Nutrisystem?.

Depending on how old you are, how much weight you have lost, how fast you lost it, and other factors you may have sagging and loose skin. It can take after a year for your skin to firm up, but truthfully it may never return to it's original suppleness.

I am sure you look beautiful 73lbs down, even if you have a bit of loose skin..

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Anxious what others say too- have friend in my water aerobics and she has lost so much weight she is having the same problem..

Can't afford surgery..

She has really firmed up- works out every day- but some just won't go...

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I'm experiencing this in my arms, since I've always worked out, the rest is toning up, but not the arms so much. Never have liked sleeveless, even when I was younger and my arms looked good. However, I do workout with weights, ever hopeful this will help somewhat...

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I'm concerned about this happening since my skin feels a little looser but it isn't sagging yet. I've started to increase my exercise significantly. I'm 27 years old and hoping that will be enough. If not, I'll shell out the bucks for surgery to have it fixed..

I want to be healthy, but I want to look hot, too..

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I've been using a dvd called Chicometrics (It's an isometric/isotonic program-the trainer's name is Chico!). I will admit, it is a bit cheesy and humorous at the same time! Beware, if you do too many of the reps the first go around, you will not be able to lift your arms above your head. It doesn't seem like you are exercising that intensely-believe me-YOU ARE! I tightened up immediately, and lost 2" in my arms,bust, waist, thighs... after only doing the tape partially for a week. If you Google "chicometrics", you will find his website. I am sure a similar program would do the same thing though...

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I use the old BodyFlex workout, by "lion lady" Greer (hilders, be(ause it (ombines yoga breathwork/yoga positions with isometri(s. I also belly dan(e & study flamen(o. On(e I'm ag goal weight, after a 70ish lb. loss, it takes me a few months to flatten & smooth the loose, saggy spots. I'm 62, so I don't expe(t to look like a 20 yr old who spends several hours a week doing P90X...

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P90X.....OMG the work outs are insane....but it's working for me...and seems to be firming everything up..

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