Rollback Pricing for Nutrisystem?

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Did anyone sign up during the Rollback Pricing special? I did and now for my third shipment, I lost my discount. It's now changed me to the 4 weeks of food free special. Has anyone had this same problem or know what the heck happened?..

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Your question was: Rollback Pricing for Nutrisystem?.

I also did the roll back pricing. I am about to receive my second shipment and is shows the correct price and I can not speak for the 3rd month...

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I recall posts a few months ago on this topic and the rollback was only for a few months. Two orders sounds familar. Call customer service and confirm. Very surprised they are now giving you 4 weeks free...

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Wish I knew that,Haven't gotten 3rd yet but if I did know that I would not have ordered to begin with,I can't afford the reg price and if I cancel auto del they will back charge,what a rip,you would think this co would not screw people over,you should have the roll back price until you are done...

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I didn't know that either... I'm on my third month now and have had the rollback pricing all three months but just looked at my fourth month and it goes up. That's ridiculous. It's not right to draw us in and then charge more for it all over again. Guess I'll have to be cancelling...

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Does anyone read the fine print when they order?..

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I was told when I signed up that I could cancel after 2 months with no penalties so you shouldn't get charged. Hopefully that wasn't a lie.....

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I SPOKE with someone when I ordered who confirmed that it would stay at the rollback pricing of $249. So why would I think that it would go up since they decided not to volunteer that information? I think that it's overwhelming enough trying to get used to a whole change in lifestyle without someone trying to berate you for "not reading the fine print"..

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I just placed my first order in June, and started in July. I didn't see anything about roll back prices. How did you get that?..

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I signed up during rollback pricing and my 3rd shipment is on it's way. I have noticed that my next delivery (month 4) is scheduled at regular price, but also noticed that my auto-delivery discount has increased for next month. I was well aware that the rollback pricing was only a 3 month promotion before signing up...

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I am so glad I saw this topic! I, too, enrolled at the Roll-back price of $249. I enrolled by phone and at NO TIME did anyone say anything about the price only being good for three months. Called today and for sure, price goes up after 3 months. I am SO ANGRY!..

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It used to be advertised on the home page.

If you logout and go to you can see that promo..

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I got rollback pricing for my first 3 orders...

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Lots of companies offer lower introductory prices.

As someone else pointed out, your AD discount goes up, so my guess is it will more or less even out...

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-shrugs- I didn't get any sort of deal when I signed up. I would've been grateful for any offer.....

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Me too I ordered on line and it stated first 3 months. I have also been following a couple of the costco threads and they offer better pricing with 5 weeks of food chose your own and I don't believe that there was a limit to the time you got the pricing, but not 100% sure..

Http:// at=BC|3605|87611&N=4040986&Mo=15&No=2&Nr=P_Catalog Name:BC&cat=87611&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=e n-US&Sp=C&topnav=. I don't think this link is working but I went to their site, diet/nutrition and it's right there on the opening page with Marie Osmond..

$259.99 - 35 days....

I'm actually thinking of cancelling after my 3rd month and ordering through Costco. You purchase the first "coupon" at the store and are directed to a special Nutrisystem website link and from there just do AD through NS. Check out some of those threads..


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Have you found out if the food is the same on the costco plan?? If it's the same, that's definitely a good idea and something I would be able to do, too! I can't afford the extra 30+ dollars a month for food at this point!..

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Exactly the same and 35 days for $259.99! Let's less than 28 days @ $249! Check out the other threads and the website...

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Awesome, thank you! i'm going to look more into it and possibly do that after I finish month 3. the only thing that would suck is i'd prob. have to re-register and lose all the data I already have in my account! ha! thanks for bringing the suggestion up!..

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I don't think that's the case. Let me look for the other threads.....

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Me either. Not even a single week of free food. I feel left out when I see all the adds for 4 weeks of free food on the tv these days. But... the program works and I'm definitely not sorry that I signed up and started this all those months ago...

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I did not get my 3rd shipment yet but it still shows the rollback price on manage my auto-delivery. I think I remember reading the price goes back to normal after the 3rd shipment though. I printed the 1st email I got but I can't find the paper in my mess..

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I also did the roll back pricing. I am about to receive my second shipment and is shows the correct price and I can not speak for the 3rd month...

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