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I am trying my hardest to use all the product that I have ordered and now here I sit w/two boxes of Mint Soft Serve! To me ... it's not good. Anybody out there have any suggestions on what else do to w/it? Can I prepare it any other way? Anybody got any recipes utilizing this stuff?.

I'm very new here (this is my 1st post actually) so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been w/Medifast now for almost two months. I've lost 28 lbs. I'm VERY excited about the program but I want to use these two boxes of meals!!.


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I make mine into a shake....8 ounces water and lots of ice! Makes it more like a peppermint patty frosty! (and it loses that "strange" texture/geletin feel/taste! I'm not really sure how to describe it, but you know!) I'll be watching this thread to see what other people come up with. Happy Monday!..

Comment #1

Put it in your coffee!!!!!!!! or hot coco yummmm..

Comment #2

Duh. Never thought of just making it into a shake. I used my Kitchen Aide blender to make the "soft serve" the 1st time and that blender did a great job. Just not what I expected (STILL ice crunchies). I'm going to try the shake method next..

Wonder if this can be made into a hot chocolate item? Hmmmm ......

Comment #3

Annis14 ... just what I was thinkin'!! Glad somebody has tried it. I WILL be giving this a whorl!!!!!!!.

I see my ticker is all messed up. MAN! I need to learn my way around this site!!..

Comment #4

Heck yeah! I just started doing this & it tastes like hot cocoa & peppermint schnapps......

Comment #5

Ok, NOW I have a better feeling about this! *laugh*..

Comment #6

Tracer, I blend mine with hot coffee in the blender. OMG, it is so good. I almost feel like am cheating! I have gotten so hooked on these that I have at least one a day. I split the packet into two and have two big, frothy mugs of "peppermint mocha."..

Comment #7

Oh! Oh! I like the hot coffee blended idea! Yeah, I can't wait to try this now!.

Dear Soft Serve, maybe I don't hate you after all! HAHAH!..

Comment #8

Oj, I have a box of this too and can't stand the gelatinous texture of it. Can one of you walk me through making it hot? How do you do it exactly? Thanks!..

Comment #9

I start with cold water b/c I find mixing with hot water makes it harder to avoid lumps. Add a little water at a time to make a paste then keep adding. Once it's all blended I microwave it. Use an oversized mug b/c it can get frothy...

Comment #10

Just make sure you mix it well first if your putting it in coffee,I like my van pudding in coffee tooo.Some floates to the top like frigin whip cream!!!!!! whoo hoo, Mia..

Comment #11

Amanda, I use the blender. I can't imagine just trying to stir it because the blender works phenomenally and makes it frothier. I pour in about a cup and a half of hot coffee into the blender and add 1/2 pack of the soft serve and blend. Enjoy. Repeat process for mug #2...

Comment #12

(I like it so much that I have started having it at night also with decaf!!!)..

Comment #13

I don't like the mint chocolate soft serve. I think it tastes like what mint chocolate chip would taste like if you added marijuana. I ended up making mine into fudge and eating it quickly...

Comment #14

To make fudge drops, just mix 2-3 TB of water with it and put blobs of it on wax paper. Freeze for about 30 minutes...

Comment #15

I disliked all the softserve at first but after reading about making shakes I tried it and I love them! Lots of ice is definitely the key to a better shake. I like the idea of adding coffee. I may have to give that a try. That's how I drink my shakes is adding it to my coffee...

Comment #16


You put the word fudge on it and it is a done deal..

Comment #17

Tried the hot mint chocolate. It was pretty good. I like the soft serve but it's just to cold for it. Now it doesn't have to sit in the cabinet until spring! Now what to do with the mango?? That I don't really like cold, maybe in hot tea?..

Comment #18

Great ideas!! I have two boxes that I didn't know what to do with because it is too cold for ice cream!! Thanks..

Comment #19

Wow! Thanks for all the GREAT suggestions! From shakes to fudge to coffee ... WOOT! I think I'm going to try that fudge tonight when I get home! It's nice to know I have more options w/a product that I wasn't a fan of!.

KikiVE ... how do you exchange? I'm sure I've waited too long to do this but it's good to know for next time...

Comment #20

I put mine in coffee. So so good. Like a peppermint mocha from SB..

I just add some coffee to the powder and make a paste. Add more coffee to make it thinner. Then mix with my immersion blender. It makes it nice and foamy on top and everything. Yummmm.. I want one now...

Comment #21

...this is the absolute best part of this site... you don't have to reinvent the wheel every day. I get stuck in a rut, read a few posts and bammo, new lease on life. Love the taste of soft serves, all of them, but hate the sticky mess making them. I spend more time trying to get every last bit off the blender blades and under tham than I do eating the rest of it. Making them into a shake....

Simple things.... I cant wait till 3 hours have passed and I get to try my coffee soft serve as a shake. Better yet, add a little water, put plops on wax paper and pop in freezer for coffee "fudge."...

Comment #22

Just a reminder, be careful putting any hot liquids in a blender. Blend it first then nuke it, a lot less potential mess... good luck.....

Comment #23

Jus had the fudge and omg it is amazing!..

Comment #24

Tried the coffee and it is my new favorite! I am going to try the fudge today!..

Comment #25

I'm out of Chocolate Mint now, but keep the coffee around for a cold coffee shake. I like the thickness of it. I mix mine with coffee and some crushed ice in the Magic Bullet. YUM! Oh you can make the fudge out of the hot chocolate too!..

Comment #26

I tried the "fudge" last night. I want to cry ... I had to plug my noise and swollow it all as fast as I could. After I couldn't stop gagging! Maybe it's just the mind flavor that I don't like? It's like eating a tube of toothpaste!!.

Next; "hot chocolate". I hope this does the trick or I'm selling the boxes on eBay...

Comment #27

Mango is fabulous as a shake I bet it would also be good mixed with a diet soda in a citrus flavor (lemon/lime, orange, etc) or ginger ale! I may have to try that tonight!.

I did the cherry pom shake with diet ginger ale, and it's become my new favorite!.

Oops, missed that you wanted it hot. Bet that would be interesting Post up if you try it!..

Comment #28

Wow Aerielle!! The mix up w/the mango all sound all-around WONDERFUL!!.

So I have 11 packets of this mint jazz left (1 full box and one w/5 left). I just called customer service and I get to exchange one of the boxes! I couldn't be happier!! The lady on the other end was so nice and she even asked me how much weight I lost, told me to keep up the good work and told me to have a good holiday! WOW! Now I'm in a good mood! I will still try the other options I have read about here ... I have 5 packets to go!!!..

Comment #29

Can I get that hot cocoa & peppermint schnapps recipe made w/Choc Mint soft serve??? Now that sounds good. I have a whole box I need to get rid hmmm, I mean use up...

Comment #30

To the mint, I add diet creme soda and crushed ice, mix it in a blender. This is the way I drink all my "shakes". (Hate the Medifast gritty shakes, so I used choc. and van. pudding instead. Choc. pudding gives it a thicker consistency, like a frosty)...

Comment #31

Thanks so much for all the ideas! I have been having a time with the choco mint as well, and will definitely be trying it with the coffee tomorrow...

Comment #32 cappuccino machine will come in handy now...I have not been having my capps, due to the missing milk, NOW I can do it!..

Comment #33

Ok ... I am happy to report that I have figured it out! I followed one of the recipes here and I was VERY happy w/the results!.

1 package of Mint Soft Serve.

2 tbls. Benefiber (I add this to all my coffee drinks).

3 tbls. fat free half & half.

12 oz. hot coffee.

I fired up the Kitchen Aide blender and SHAZAM! I had a thick, AMAZING mint mocha coffee drink! The flavor of the mint was no longer toothpaste over powering either..

I'm still going to exchange the one full box I have but now I know what I can do w/future boxes I get w/the pre-packaged plans. THANKS to you all who helped me out w/this! Yeah, this place ROCKS!..

Comment #34

I like to make mine like a shake with 1 cup water and some ice and I add SF Peppermint Syrup. I do the same with the Peanut Butter and add SF Peanut Butter Syrup. The other day I added one of the PB Crunch bars to my PB Soft Serve and then blended it. It tasted lilke a Peanut Butter Blizzard. This counts as 2 meals so I reserved 1/2 in the fridge...

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