Review of Medifast snack options?

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If anyone has tried any of the snacks ... the crackers or the soy crisps ... please give me some feed back I wanted to order some but wasn't sure about them I hadn't heard anything on here so I am a little uneasy about it but they sound good ... If you can let me know about how many you get if it fills you up a little bit ... or takes away your hunger for a little while ... and most importantly taste ... Thanks..

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I have tried the multi grain and garden crackers. I tend to smash them to smithereens and put them in soup. I was raised Catholic, and the multi grain ones taste like communion to me. I have also made myself a little cheese and crackers plate with them, very good.

I also have the Parmesan soy crisps, I like those much more, I like the taste, and I jsut eat them as is...

Comment #1

Awesome thanks a lot I'm going to go ahead and order some..

Comment #2

I really like the multi grain crackers ... they taste like normal crackers (i crave "real" food while being on Medifast)..

Comment #3

Tried them. Found the crackers to taste like cardboard. Did not fill me up in the least. I ended up crushing them and using as coating for fish or chicken. Just my opinion, but I found them to be to calorie/carb heavy with no special nutritional value and decided if I needed a snack to go with pickle spears or SF jello...

Comment #4

To follow up on the snacks ... THEY ROCK!!! I completely loved all the soy crisps you got a lot more then I thought that you would for 60-70 calories and they were VERY flavorful!!! For the crackers the garden veggie ones were good taste wise the multi grain could use more salt but they were both "ok" they were a bit "stale" tasting but they weren't bad the crackers are a LOT smaller then the soy crisps though and they don't fill you up nearly as much as soy crisps. I think the soy crisps filled me up more then some of the meals did and it was a tasty treat ... I love the apple cinnamon ones they were sweet I couldn't believe that there was only 2 grams of sugar in them and the cheese ones took away my cheese cravings and the ranch ones were great too..

Comment #5

I like the ranch soy crisps, yummy! The garden veg crackers are also good, great with the chili. I don't use the snacks very often, but they're wonderful for days when I need that extra something...

Comment #6

I bought the multi-grain crackers and used them in my chili twice. I haven't eaten the rest. I tend to shy away from snacks altogether. I think eventually I will make a salmon cake and use them with the salmon as filler. Snacking is one of the things that got me into trouble to begin with. The crackers are okay but by no means filling. Luckily the Medifast meals do that for me...

Comment #7

I hear you..I have ten almonds. Higher calorie than these choices. But I feel like I am getting a lot of bang for my buck nutritionally compared to the Medifast snacks. If I hit a true stall, I might switch to your low cal snack choices...

Comment #8

I've only tried the soy crips....they give you a decent amount. At first I only ate the Ranch. Heaven with LC cheese on them. I ordered the Cheddar. At first I really didn't care for them, then they grew on me. It's a nice bridge when I'm hungry...

Comment #9

The ranch soy crisps are delicious, you also get a decent sized bag so it feels like it is worth eating...

Comment #10

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