Review of Medifast pretzel sticks?

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I just got my new order and the new cinnamon pretzel sticks are terrible! They have a really bad after taste. I don't know if I'll even be able to finish this bag! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!!!.


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I agree! I was disappointed too. They sounded good but taste...ick!..

Comment #1

The apple cinnamon crips are yummy! They're like mini-rice cakes!..

Comment #2

I don't like them either! There is hardly any cinnamon flavor on them and they are dry... boo...........

Comment #3

I tried the new honey mustard yesterday and didn't really care for them. Although they were not terrible, I much prefer the old ones...

Comment #4

I am so disappointed to hear this They were one of my favorites...the old ones.

I hope they listen to everyone and change back. Darn it...

Comment #5

I didn't like the old cinnamon pretzel sticks, but I am going to try the new ones!..

Comment #6

OMG , no way.... I was going to buys some because people said they werent hard anymore... I use to dip my honey mustard pretzels into mustard... I was hoping to do the same thing.... UGH, not sure if I should get them now....

Comment #7

I love them too, BUT, I am not sorry...

Comment #8

Well, I am getting some new pretzels SOON and since I am the Queen of Pretzels (they are my fave) I will for sure post a review of them. If they are not as good I will be soooo sad!..

Comment #9

Why? Just because some people don't like them doesn't mean they should stop making them. If that were the case, they would have done away with the oatmeal long ago! If I were you, I would try them for yourself before you rush to judgment based on someone else's opinion. I didn't particularly care much for the original ones. They were ok, but my poor teeth just couldn't handle them...

Comment #10

What about spritzing them with water and sprinkling more cinnamon and touch of splenda on them? It would hardly be anything as far as calories and that might help.

I JUST ordered them cause I love the honey/mustard so much. Guess I'll see what I think when they get here.....

Comment #11

You know I didn't really like most of the products when I first tried but they definitely grow on you or taste change. I still don't really care for the original Cin Sticks but loved the mustanrd ones and welcome the improvements. Maybe if you put them away for a few weeks and try later and re-post- just curious for me..

Comment #12

I love them like crazy. That and a can of diet pepsi is my mid day "treat" meal! To each his own..

Comment #13

I just tried the new Honey Mustard ones and they are not so bad. I still liked the old ones better but these are okay...

Comment #14

Out of curiosity (since I haven't had pretzels/ puffs yet), how are they on the "satisfaction" factor as compared to other Medifast meals? Are they enough to satiate you for a meal??..

Comment #15

I agree! I ordered 1 box to try and couldn't even get thru my 1st bag! Horrible! They are in my garbage can and I am eating the Nacho puffs instead. A waste of money, but I still wanted to try them for myself. I am hoping that Medifast gets enough complaints, they will bring the old ones back. What were they thinking is right!..

Comment #16

NEW pretzel sticks? The cinnamon ones I have have been around a while so I guess they are the "old" ones. So...TELL ME about the new ones?? Thanks!..

Comment #17

I love the puffs! Nacho Cheese, Parmesan...YUM. My favorite mid afternoon my desk with a small bottle of diet coke. Perfect!..

Comment #18

Hate the new pretzel sticks!!!!! Hope they will bring back the old ones! They were a mainstay of my program!!..

Comment #19

I don't like the pretzels on their own... so dry and chalky. So, I started crumbling them a bit and mixed them with my pudding and it gives me the feeling of eating a pie... a banana or chocolate cream pie with bits of crust thrown.

The pudding is good on it's own, but it's nice to mix textures a bit sometimes.

I tend to just pour one bag of broke up pretzels into one serving of pudding, mix it up, and split it into two meals.

With the old pretzels being so hard, it was nice to pull the second half of the pre-mixed pretzel/pudding bowl out of the fridge later in the day because it softened the pretzels just enough to have more of a gram-cracker-crust crumbly texture.

I haven't tried this with the new pretzels yet, but I imagine that mixing the pretzels with pudding will make them much more palatable...

Comment #20

Never had the "old" HM pretzels, but my center had a dish of both the new ones out for people to try. Turns out, I like honey mustard pretzels. (and I'm staying with the cinnamon ones, too).

Persephone - I find the bags of pretzels and puffs to be very satisfying. They are easier for me to spread out, rather than gobble all at once. And there are alot of them, at least that's how it seems to me. I tend to munch/drink/pause/repeat, so between the pretz/puffs and the water, I'm full for a while...

Comment #21

OMG. I just tried the "new" cinnamon pretzel sticks and I gagged. They are horrifying! Terrible aftertaste. I threw the bag away after forcing two of them down. I'm absolutely despondent now. I have two full boxes I will NOT be eating and I read they're changing the honey mustard ones too. DISLIKE! There are definitely a few recipes that Medifast should have considered changing, but the pretzel sticks were NOT ON THAT LIST...

Comment #22

Crud I am just started and ordered those hoping they would be a good snack...shoot! can anyone tell me how to make friends on here? I am gonna need lots of support! )..

Comment #23

I love the new honey mustard pretzel but the cinnamon are too sweet and lack the cinnamon punch the old ones had...I wish they would add more cinnamon to the new texture...then they would be perfect..

Comment #24

I loved the old pretzels AND I love the new ones!..

Comment #25

I have eaten one bag of the new honey mustard pretzels and hate them!! I liked the old ones because they were crunchy and more savory in flavor........I get very tired of all of the "sweet" Medifast foods. Now they have ruined the HM Pretzels by making them flavorless, softer and more like a very stale cracker in texture. When will the folks at Medifast learn to get more opinions before they start selling us their "new and improved" foods? They really need to do surveys on this stuff if they want us to continue to buy their products!!..

Comment #26

I LOVE the new pretzels! They are like a whole wheat version of the Gardettos soft pretzel but with Medifast flavoring. So if you don't like the texture of the pretzels in the below picture, you won't like these either..

As for the flavor - I like the flavor of the old honey mustard better because it was stronger but the new ones are good too. I hated the old cinnamon ones and sent them back - but I LOVE the new ones. They taste like cinnamon toast crunch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them...

Comment #27

I can't wait to get my order to try the new ones. I loved the old Cinnamon Pretzels and hoping to love the new ones...

Comment #28

I finally opened my cinnamon pretzels today. I LOVE the honey mustard so I was optimistic. NopeHATE THEM..

CodyLo is right-they taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Had I had that description before I bought them, I never would have ordered them. I never liked that cereal. I was hoping they were more like cinnamon roll...

Comment #29

I'm with CarolAnn. I like the new HM pretzels, partly because I never tried the old ones. I don't like honey mustard salad dressing, so I stayed away. I do like the old cinnamon pretzels, I like crunching. The new Cinnamon ones are rather blah. That's not the right word, but I can't put my finger on it.

At least not in my mouth, any way..

I'll keep eating the HM pretzels and come back to the Cinnamon in a few weeks...

Comment #30

Well, I got my pretzel order yesterday and was dreading if I would hate these too but I loved them! No problem at all with the new ones in my book. I loved the old ones as well too...

Comment #31

So I thought the ones I had were the new ones, because I got them after evveryone started posting about them. But I just got another box and they are different. So I guess mine were the old ones. Now I"m afraid to try the new ones. I LOVED those!..

Comment #32

I got my order today which included both kinds of pretzels. I never liked the cinnamon before, but like the new ones. Although I really liked the old honey mustard, these new ones work for me. It seems like they have a more mustard punch. The new ones are not as hard and don't have any burnt ones or moldy tasting ones in the bag...

Comment #33

Havent tryed the new ones yet but love love the old ones! Hope i'm not disappointed when my order comes in...

Comment #34

Oops. I had a duplicate post here and I dont know to delete it...

Comment #35

I just started Medifast so I dont know what the old ones tasted like. I tried the honey mustard ones and they're not bad. Before this program I used to eat Snyders of Hanover honey mustard pretzels all the time. Not the same but cures the craving. The oatmeal and the shakes will take some time to get used to...

Comment #36

I think they tasted very good! The old ones had an interesting taste every once in a while. These new ones have something different about them and I rly like it!..

Comment #37

I like them and I like the honey mustard ones too. I think it all depends on your taste buds. Sort of like how my husband loves Lima Beans and I think they are tatsteless so I have my MIL make them for him when she invites us to dinner!..

Comment #38

I might try and doctor them up using cinn. and sweetner. My pretzels arrived smashed too :-(..

Comment #39

I think the new ones are just going to take some getting used to. I really loved the old ones, but I'm sure eventually I'll learn to like these too. I hope!..

Comment #40

Much like many of you, I got the new pretzels in this month's order. DISGUSTING! I loved the old cinnamon pretzels. I think these will become bird food! Very disappointed...

Comment #41

I totally agree......I don't like the the honey mustard ones either. I'm very disappointed!..

Comment #42

That's a good idea...I'll bet it's kind of like real banana pudding with "vanilla waffers" in it. Yum, going to try that tomorrow!..

Comment #43

New pretzels are terrible - I hope they bring back the old ones!..

Comment #44

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