Review of Medifast Parmesan Puffs

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Just tried the puffs for the first time..

I randomly grabbed the ParmPuffs..



That is all!..

Comments (23)

I think they're gross, right along with the honey mustard pretzels!..

Comment #1

They are one of my absolute favorites too! I like the Chili Nacho or whatever they're called flavor too...

Comment #2

I like to use them as my last meal of the day with a hot cup of herbal tea. Mmm good...

Comment #3

Yes, they are really delish especially on SALAD!!! Try it like that and you will def love too@@@.

Just a yummy pointer :0)..

Comment #4

Yea they are are the chili ones...One of my fav's!..

Comment #5

I made a yummie Shrimp Scampi Salad tonight....wish I would have saved these for "croutons," but I didn't know! Next time, for sure!..

Comment #6

So tonight, as my bedtime snack, I tried the Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs! I can't decide which of the two (CNC or PARM) I LOVE more! There are so many in the bag, it is DEF the most filling of the Medifast meals! I waited until my 3rd order to try them so just an FYI to anyone who is on the fence about trying them.....Definitely worth trying! Very filling, and I find, more flavorful then the Medifast pretzels! One of my favorite pre-MF snack foods was the Planter's Cheese Balls. These are as good! Some of that is opinion ,and the fact that after 8 weeks on Medifast my tastes have least the Medifast puffs taste as good as my memory! LOL..

Comment #7

And...if I need a TV, or movie snack...they taste great with a diet soda and then some Medifast shake cookies after...Who needs junk food anyway!!!..

Comment #8

I have always loved the Chile Nacho puffs..can't WAIT to try the parm puffs. I am certain I will like them as well or maybe even better. I may go crazy and mix the two in a bowl and eat them in 2 meals. Wow..what a wild woman I am...

Comment #9

I opened a bag and put them in my closet. They keep the moths away. As a last resort, they can also be eaten.....


Comment #10

I love these! I haven't tried the chili ones yet. Maybe next month!..

Comment #11

I love them too. They are my 3pm snack everyday. And they're great to take to movies or other places where other people are snacking...

Comment #12

I really, really wanted to like them. I'm going to wait a few more days and try them again, I think...

Comment #13

I don't like these at all but am thankful for the person on here who suggested crushing it and battering chicken with it. Seriously, it takes just like a chicken finger when a few spices are thrown in. Yummy! (glad you guys & gals like it plain though...maybe in time I will too...)..

Comment #14

And...Tonight I was craving chicken nugguts, so took lean chicken breast, dipped in egg white, then in crushed up parm puffs...layed on a sprayed cookie sheet, sprinkled some parm cheese over, used some sea salt and fresh pepper with a bit of garlic powder and baked fast and high at 475 degrees..liked fried chicken! It was yumm, yumm!!!!!..

Comment #15

Sounds yummie! Will DEF be trying this one! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #16

You people are amazing with your food ideas! I need to get a notebook so I can just put down all the great ideas I've been reading. Fried Chicken! Yummy..

Comment #17

Yea amazing what corners we can cut and still have food taste as if.....

Comment #18 if!?! I had a dinner party to go to last evening. The menu changed at the last minute...unbeknownst to me, so I wasn't as prepared as I thought, or was I? A very large piece of Red Velvet cake was placed in front of me. (not my hostess' faut or intent.) And I was able to resist it! Didn't even want a taste! My tastes have changed and there is no more "as if." I like my "simple," healthier foods now! Now that's an NSV if ever there was one!..

Comment #19

Indeed...I am working on getting there...slowly but surely. I have to say though, that at the 2 parties I attended yesterday, I really did not want all the sugary stuff...after 19 days w/o it, I just did not...There was one point where mentally I wanted some, then I went to my Medifast "lunch-box" and got my pre-made brownie out...the moment was gone and I stayed OP! AWESOME!..

Comment #20

I'm an oddity who prefers the pretzels, yes even the new ones, over the puffs, but I did just order some of these. I'm going to try them as breadcrumbs for meatballs and for a fish fillet. I also think they'd be good as croutons in a salad. I haven't had them in a while and am looking forward to receiving my order...

Comment #21

That is a great idea. I've been dreaming of a plain, non-flavored oatmeal for meatballs, or a mini-meatloaf, but this would work! Thanks for the suggestion!..

Comment #22

You guys have me wanting to try chicken nuggets now! Alas, I just got home from the grocery store and didn't read this thread before going. No chicken in my house and I really don't want to go back in to the store. I'll tuck away a pack of parmpuffs to use for chicken nuggets after Christmas...

Comment #23

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