Review of Medifast Honey Mustard Pretzels

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Well, now I know what all the other posts have been about. Until yesterday, I was still eating the old honey mustard pretzels. That was then and this is now. I had my first bag of the new "improved" product and I have to say that I agree with everything that has been posted before. They are awful - small pieces, aftertaste, no real taste, no crunch! YUCK! I'm trying to decide whether or not to send the rest of the box back or finish the remainder when I need something quickly. OK, Medifast - BRING THE OLD PRETZELS BACK!!! I'm so glad I didn't order any of the cinnamon pretzels...

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I did too, I didnt' realize I had the old pretzels in my first order until today. I dont mind the new ones but they are bland..

Comment #1

I'm fairly new, 8 weeks and 43 pounds, but I have to say:.

1. Yes, the HM pretzels are a bit bland. (never tried the old ones.).

2. Yes, the HM pretzels tend to come VERY crushed. (I average 2 intact pretzels/bag.).

3. Yes, the HM pretzels satisfy my NEED to "crunch!" (tho I would say more a breadstick.).

4. Yes, we eat "dust from a foil pouch, 5 times a day!" (It's fuel...Not gourmet dining!).

5. No, I'll never say another word, good or bad, about the pretzels. (just had to get that out!).

Though I DO enjoy reading everyone's reaction to the pretzels. The pretzel posts just seem to have a life of their own! I just HAD to get my 2 cents in.

Thank you! Hope everyone has a wonderful, OP weekend! Smiles and HUGS!..

Comment #2

I have found that if I eat a bag with an entire bottle of Coke Zero, and only chew them enough to be able to swallow them, without actually tasting them... I can tolerate the new HM pretzels..

Yeah, won't be buying those again, but I still have 9 more packages to eat before these are gone..

Maybe I'll try out the brownies next time instead!..

Comment #3

Amelie: Please don't hide under anything - especially something heavy. Everyone's tastes are different. I'm glad you like the new pretzels.

Mary2again: LOL. That would probably help get them down. And I'll probably consume the ones I have but I sure won't order them again. By the way, I love the brownies - but them I'm a confirmed chocoholic!..

Comment #4

Maybe it would help if we stopped referring to them as "pretzels".....

How about HM kibble? Suggestions??..

Comment #5

Caliborne and EMTfreakgirl: Bland is a bit of an understatement. The taste factor is definitely missing as is some of the crunch from the old pretzels. I'd say it's more like "flavored paste" formed into crumbled sticks". I do like the comment about "dust from a pouch", though. Thanks and that's so true. I have to say that I like most of the Medifast meals but I love to cook (and, unfortunately, also love food which is probably why I got into this condition in the first place) so taste is a big factor for me.

Glennbo: I like the kibble reference but it doesn't resemble any kibble I used to give my dog (when I had one, that is). The stuff he had seemed to have a much higher "crunch factor" than these things. But I do agree that we may need to stop referring to them as "pretzels" which they definitely are not...

Comment #6

I like them no more or no less than the older version. I find both versions bland but satisfy my crunchy needs...

Comment #7

There once was a controversial pretzel.

That made Medifasters "kevetchel"..

Though we posted all day,.

New pretzels will stay.

Though some think they taste mostly like sh*tzel...

Comment #8

Wow, I think are DELISH to what I have tried...I lik them better them old tough stix hahaha...but who am I to complain.....whatever gets me to GOAL I dont care if it taste like "poo" lol..

Comment #9

I can eat the HM pretzels if I use my allowed cream cheese, mash it with a bit of yellow mustard, and dump in the crumbs of the pretzels. I eat it with a spoon. I am not ever going to order those suckers again tho...

Comment #10

That sounds kind of in my mind, I'm trying to figure a way to hook that in with my sandwich maker obsession!..

Comment #11

I actually like them with a wedge for dipping of the blue cheese flavor LC cheese...Yummy!..

Comment #12

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