Responding to compliments during Medifast diet?

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I had a visit with a friend, and she told me how proud she was of me for losing the weight and sticking with it. I told her thanks. She went on to praise me some more, and I wasn't sure what else to say. It felt good that she's proud of me, but I don't actually know what else to say in response. Not really used to compliments on my appearance...

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I'd say, "Thanks! I'm proud of me too." And then I'd find something to compliment her on, or start asking her about something that's going on with her or her family. Not letting the awkward silence build makes it easy to transition, and moving it to show interest in her is usually a positive conversation move..

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How about just say thanks and that you appreciate her support and that it means a lot to you?..

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I've had some of the same comments where people don't let "thanks" be enough LOL I did exactly what the others have said, just say "thanks, I'm proud of me too".

Of course, I take issue with the fact that people that have nothing to do with my loss are "proud" of me - but I'm learning to let that go!!..

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Going from what Sassy said....

Verbally acknowledging that you appreciate her support and it means a lot to you rather than simply "thanks"...

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Initially I had a really hard time with compliments. I would say "thank you, BUT I have a long way to go" so self defeating. It took me a while to just say thank you, I appreciate it and move on...

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So many friends don't really want their "fat friend" to change, as we've seen in threads even this week. It is fabulous that you have a supportive friend like that. So...there's already great advice here to flip the compliment back to her for being so supportive. Having a cheerleader is great!..

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I was really uncomfortable with this at first too but I have learned to say, "Thank you. I feel GREAT too!" This lets people know that not only have I lost weight but I feel fine. If they go on and it is making me feel uncomfortable, I turn the conversation to something else...

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I totally understand where you are coming from. I think though that people who say this love you. It might just be a co-worker or a neighbor or someone who you are not all that close to, but I take it that when a person says this that they care...

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What more really needs to be said beyond thanks? Thanks and a smile should say it all!..

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A good thread. I do the self-defeating "thanks, but I have such a long way to go." Intention is to be humble and acknowledge the obvious that I'm still fat..

My resolution from now on is to avoid "thanks, but..." and just beam happily, "thanks! I feel really great!".

This is better than last year's resolution to stop flipping off people taking pictures of me. So far, so good. I'm so mature. LOL..

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Thanks for the suggestions. No, really, stop posting now. I've said thanks. LOL..

She really is a great friend. It is nice to have someone on my side. Losing weight is such a public thing...

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