Replacing Splenda for honey okay on Nutrisystem?

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There's a recipe I want to try that calls for three tablespoons of honey. I hate to buy a bottle of honey that I wouldn't use for anything else. Does anybody know if I could use Splenda istead and how much would I use?..

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Your question was: Replacing Splenda for honey okay on Nutrisystem?.

I like that. I think you just created a new word! Make sure Webster's gives you credit for it...

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I miss being on here too. I'm getting ready to move and whenn I do I'm going to get internet service in my house again. It's been two months now since I had it cut off. I THINK maybe I can keep it in perspective now and not be so hooked on it. We shall see.

I never thought of trying the syrup. Would you use the same amount? Sheesh, this is a lot of trouble just for peach pops!!!! Maybe I'll just buy the stupid honey...

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Yay! When are you moving? I promise if I see you on here too much I'll kick ya in the arse and make you go be productive...for a minute.

I would say start with the same amount and then taste it. If it needs to be a little sweeter, add more. Oh, I bet some of the peach flavored syrup would be yummy! Oh, didn't wanna have to buy something just for this recipe...

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Thanks! I need the butt kickin'. The only thing is that if you see me on here too much then that means YOU are on here too much! LOL!.

I just had a great idea. I'll give you guys the recipe and you can make it and figure out how to sub the honey and then tell me. LOL! It's a peach pops recipe, only 54 cals per serving and no fat. Might even be Nutrisystem friendly..


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Lol nah! I'm NEVER on here too much!.

Hahaha way to delegate!..

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All you have to do to "rehoney" the crystals is put the jar in hot water, let it warm up, then stir it. Don't add water to it, honey!..

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Just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and stir. About the only food in the world that never spoils..

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Oh shoot! When I saw that Birdie had posted I thought maybe she made the recipe!!! I'm going out to the country today so I think I'll buy the dang honey and get it over with...

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Here is a link for subbing sugar for honey. The principles should apply for subbing splenda for honey. You will just have to check your splenda box for the splenda equalivant for sugar and use that figure. This may work out for you..


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Why don't you sub WF pancake syrup or some other SF syrup instead? Probably would work better...

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Hi JoAnn!! Miss you!.

I think the syrup is a great idea...fewer calories too! But did you know that honey is the ONLY food that never goes bad? Although in MHO, I don't know what else you would call it when it turns to crystals - lol. But "they" say it never goes bad......

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Can still be re-honeyed when it crystalizes. Just stir it really well and add a very little bit of warm water if needed. Normally just stirring it makes it honey-ish again...

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I like that. I think you just created a new word! Make sure Webster's gives you credit for it...

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