Replacement for Medifast crunch bars?

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I tore through my crunch bars in the variety pack pretty quickly and I have to wait til the end of the week for more. Has that ever happened to you before and is there a supermarket protein bar you'd buy to substitute?.

Thanks for your help..

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Your question was: Replacement for Medifast crunch bars?.

There probably isn't anything that I've seen that fits the crunch bars in calories, carbs and nutrition. I suggest you just eat other Medifast meals instead...

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I think it says now that you can have more than one crunch bar per day and I just started so I haven't had a problem with not losing yet in fact eating more than one crunch bar so far I've lost ten pounds in two days. I just wondered if anybody knew of a comparable nutrition bar with 10 grms of protein, 3.5 grams of fat and 21 carbs using soy protein. There has to be another one out there......

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The maintenance bars are one a day. The crunch bars are not limited..

I have looked at every bar I can find in the store and TOO MANY CARBS. So this is what I did. I bought the Special K bars and had one and then a packet of tuna in a pouch. That evened out the calories, carbs and protein I needed..

Then I ordered double the number of bars...

Comment #3

Thanks Boxermom. When I went to the store I noticed that the lowcarb ones had too many calories and like you said the regular carb ones at about one hundred calories had too many carbs.

And yep, then I ordered extra bars...

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But you lose the nutrition that is in the Medifast bars..

Comment #5

I understand you lose the Medifast nutrition. If you have other food I would recommend that. But in a pinch this is an alternative..

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I've used SoyJoy bars in the past, but as was posted earlier they don't have the nutrition of the Medifast bars. They're tasty though, and I think have only around 15 carbs, 140 calories?..

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It depends on why you want to replace the bars, I know you've run out but you have other meals right? If it's just easy meals on the go that you want, try making oatmeal muffins or soup chips or bread, there are lots of recipes about for them. hile the extras might mean that you're not 100% OP, it's an awful lot closer than buying 'outside' bars, which is a complete depature from the plan..

Half of the battle with Medifast is winning the mind game, getting into that frame of mind that says work with the plan and it's easy, mess with it and it isn't..

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South Beach snack bars are only 140 cals and have like 12 grams of protein I think? they're also low in carbs because SBis a low-carb diet..

Comment #9

I agree with "dilligaf." If you keep to the Medifast foods, you will keep up your marvelous weight loss. I am back on Medifast after losing 30 pounds last year. When I decided I go off program in February 2009, I have also searched for bars with similar stats. They are just about impossible to find. If you do find something close, they are not as filling! (At least that has been my experience!).

I'm back on Medifast to lose another 20 pounds and definitely recommend sticking the to 5/1 program as much as possible. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1264547", true);..

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Only eat ONE per dayshakes and soups (tomato and broccoli) will speed your weight loss!! The eggs will too, and they are really good if you like eggs...I hit a place where I wasn't losingstuck to 1 bar per day, shakes and soups only and ....wa lagot out of that rut..(you SHOULD only be eating 1 bar per dayI don't care what the program saysit's too many and is not well rounded) I LOVE Medifastthank you for giving me back my energy and life!..

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There probably isn't anything that I've seen that fits the crunch bars in calories, carbs and nutrition. I suggest you just eat other Medifast meals instead...

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