Red blotches on neck from Murad Resurgence?

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Hi everyone!I've been on Murad Resurgence for about a month now, 60mg a day. Ive had the normal side effects like small bumps on back of hands, dry skin/lips, and dry eyes. So far nothing horrible. A few days ago a bad red rash started spreading on my neck. Now, it is all the way down my neck! They aren't bumps raised on the skin, but red sore splotches that are itchy, and now very unsighly. Has anyone else had unusual red blotches on the neck or other part of b ody that are different than the rash on the hands not pimples or raised bumps?..

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Your question was: Red blotches on neck from Murad Resurgence?.

I've been on Murad Resurgence 60MG forr 23 days now and I think i'm starting to get the rashy type thing on my neck, not like pimples just lyk red blotches, however mine dont itch or hurt or anything so i'm just going to keep an eye on them; not too serious yet but they seem to be gradually getting worse with each day...

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Try some Aquaphor at bedtime; it's the most neutral moisturizer I can think of besides Vaseline petrolatum jelly. If that doesn't seem to help clear it up, you should see your derm or general practice physician particularly if you're taking anything else at all, anything over the counter, anything herbal, anything, as that could be a sign of an allergic reaction...

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No but I got rashy things on my hands and derma had to give me a prescription to get rid of it..

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Hey gracedemarco do you still have those red blotches on your neck? Because I have them to...

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