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Has anyone tried the ready to drink shakes? I just did. They are fantastic - very creamy and much better blended than when I mix the powdered form in my blender. The chocolate is my favorite, but I added some flavors to the vanilla - like 1 teaspoon of DaVinci fat free raspberry syrup or some extract: I've tried banana extract once and almond another time. Very good. These are easily portable too! Great for work or on the go for kids!.

Try them!..

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I take the RTD shakes to work with me every day. I love them. Any thing to make life easier is good for me. Yes they are creamy & thick...

Comment #1

Glad you posted your approval. I work on the road going from place to place. No office refridgerator. I've been buying a bag of ice each day and putting it in an ice chest in the car. Add it to a cup of water (from a gallon container also in the trunk). I slip outside to make my drink and then go back in to work.

Still need the ice or I could get it very cold and put it in a thermos!! Then I could save the time and money spent on ice. Hmmm. So glad you got me thinking about this..


Comment #2

Where do you purchase the RTD Shakes? I can't find it on the MediFast shopping page. Do they sell them in the stores?.


Comment #3

They are in the shakes area on the sales page but are sold individually. You can get a case discount, but you have to call for that. So I call in my order instead of on-line.

They are really good cold and I don't mind them when warm either. Only problem is we're not allowed to carry on an airplane any more!..

Comment #4

Love them! Husband and I are both doing MF, and ordered 5 cases the first time, and 9 cases this time. We drink 4 shakes each per day because it just works better with our schedule. I can tuck 4 in a bag and stick them in the fridge at work - he carries a small cooler with "blue ice" and it works just fine..

Call and order the case for a 10% discount..

(They are also excellent if you freeze them, then cut them open and eat with a spoon - it tastes like a fudgesicle!)..

Comment #5

I like the RTD Shakes when I'm out running around. You can just get a cup of ice you can just pour it over and have it cold or buy a small coffee in a large cup and add your shake to it. So easy when I'm at the mall or something like that...

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