Recipes for Diabetic Medifast?

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Have only been doing Medifast for four days and have been looking for recipes to enhance the products and add some variety. I am Type 2 diagnoised very early and went directly on insulin seven months ago. From reading other posts I get the impression that we can also pick from the other Medifast selections, is that correct? But really need some specific recipes...

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I have been on Medifast since Jan. You will want to talk to your doctor and watch your meds very close. My numbers dropped very fast. I am now off all meds. I eat all the food. I did the diabetic package the first month but from there on I ate which every one I wanted. Good luck, just keep your doctor posted...

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Once, the dieticians told me that they consider all their packets diabetic friendly. So even tho I ordered the diabetic package at first, I just order what I want now. So that means if you try a recipe with any of the packets, use the log meal function and tally up the carbs to keep within the guidelines. That means 1/2 t baking powder or any seasonings. Remember, you get 3 condiments a day. Sometimes a recipe kills that for any other possibility that day.

One recipe you can do is the chips. All it uses is the COB soup or the COC or COT. I make mine by adding 1-1 1/2 T water to just the mix. It forms a thick paste. Plop it on parchment, put another piece on top and roll out thin. Micro for 1 min, turn over and micro another min.

As it cools, it will crisp up more. If it is not, micro another 30 sec. Experiment. Do a search for the chips, there are other methods people use but I like this one. So that's a recipe using none of your allotted condiments unless you have salsa with it!..

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Thanks everyone - I saw my doctor yesterday and am sticking with the plan. Just need to know the what and how much I can add to spice it up a little. Not that I cannot eat the same thing over and over - just like a little variety once in a while...

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I am a straight forward type of guy who is working and working out (treadmill and circuit training 3-5 x week).

I use shakes a LOT.

Use extra water (1 cup +) and 4-6 ice cubes plus flavoring (a litlle Davinci or Capella).

Mix in blender (have one at work and at home).

Minimize bars.

Use momentum green tea 2x most days.

Drink LOTS of water - probably 100 oz plus.

Start the day with a 12 oz glass plus.

Then every 2 hours repeat.

Use chile and crab soup - adding some cut up peppers to add substance.

Trying beef veggie next.

Would welcoem recipes and/or suggestions.

Bob ogus (pokerbob)..

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Just check the recipe board (""), since all of us doing "low carb" with Medifast, you could probably use most of the posted recipes...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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