Medifast recipe for Quick tortillas?

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I got inspired by the crepes recipe....

Had to use up that brocolli soup, so I made some fast "tortillas" out of it. I'm wrapping grilled chicken slices and cheese in them for lunch at work..


1 pkg brocolli soup.

1 pkg scrambled eggs (can use 2 if you want it less salty, but then it's eggier).

Spices I added cayenne pepper.

Enough water to make a very thin batter..

Heat a small Pam-sprayed skillet to medium, pour in batter to make a six-inch circle. I pick up the pan and swirl it a little to make the tortilla thinner. Flip it when it sets. It cooks fast..

I can't remember how many tortillas it makes, but the whole batch is two Medifast meals (3 if you add the extra eggs)...

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I see you are only 1 pound from your goal. What excitement!!!! Congratulations..

Comment #1

You dont have to add any flour or baking powder to make it rise? I'm afraid ill try this and it would rise? and then ill be out two packets?..

Comment #2

It rises a little because it has the eggs... but I don't want it to rise much, so I dont add any baking powder or soda... I like my tortillas thin. The less water you add, the thicker it comes out (more like a pancake), so it's up to you..

Thanks for the congrats GeorgiaLynn!! Since my birthday's not till April, I have a feeling I'll make it...

Comment #3

I have been wanting to make some cheese and onion enchilada's or maybe chicken and green chili. Have you tried using the torillas to make enchildas? Just wondering if the soup would turn back to soup after you add sauce to the top and bake..

More than anything I am missing my TexMex!..

Comment #4

Yeah, I don't think they would hold up under enchilada sauce...I am going to find a way to work real corn tortillas into my maintenance for sure..

Comment #5

Well since you will be there ahead of me let me know how it goes. I have got to find my way back to TexMex. I am going to experiment this weekend and see what happens. So far nothing has really worked but I'm not out of options. (Or for sure desire!)..

Comment #6

What about adding a shot of hot sauce to the tortilla itself? Then again, I'm not sure just what this would accomplish, since it is easy enough to add this to the filling.Oh, well, just yankee thinking I guess.Are you using very low fat, or non-fat cheese too? Remember that those condiments can be salty too..

Jazzed up chili is one of my favorite Medifast meals though...

Comment #7

I experimented this weekend and made a Medifast meal with a Mexican flair!.

I made gatita's tortillas (thanks gatita!!) with Medifast Cream of Tomato Soup and Mexican spices (chipotle pepper, onion and garlic powder, cilantro).

Then I made some Medifast chili and added the same spices as above.

Put the chili in the tortillas with a little low-fat or ff cheese, some lettuce, tomato, fresh salsa and voila! Tacos!!.

The above makes three Medifast meals (tomato soup and Medifast eggs for the tortillas, and Medifast chili). I made 9 tacos total - 3 for each meal. They seem to refrigerate and reheat very well. Or I'm sure you can freeze them, then add the veggies when you're ready to eat!.

I really miss Mexican food and this hit the spot!..

Comment #8

OK...I'm going to try to green chili and chicken recipe. I experimented over the weekend trying to make something into tortillas that would work in a sauce, end ended up throwing out several packages of cream soups, soy crips, crackers and eggs! Next pass I am going to see what I could do with flaxseed meal..

This might work to help me bridge the gap between L&G to maintenance. I guarantee you the first food I find a way to get back into my plan without gaining is going to be one or two real tortilla's a week at least!..

Comment #9

Msmoeneek, I'm one of those little of this little of that cooks too, so I understand!.

Melissa, I'm going to try that for some lunches to go this week! I've got lots of tomato soup to use up too!..

Comment #10

Gatita- you are a doll!!! thank you thank you thank you- I am going to try your tortillas as soon as I get home today. I have so many boxes of broccoli soup and cream of tomato that it isnt even funny. as soup I can't stomach the stuff, but I love tortillas and really miss the mexican flavors so this might be just the thing, but I have never tried any Medifast recipes so this will be a huge step for me, but it might help with the boredom I have felt lately too. thanks again.


SW 270.

Cw 244.5.

GW 145.

I gained weight this week- 3 lbs GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!.

I think it's due to boredom and "the blahs" and a general "who cares" type of attitude. not to mention mindless cheating. Attitude is turned off now so I am ready to rock and roll this fat away...

Comment #11

Denyse, I wont say this is the best Medifast recipe (not by a long shot), but I like it better than broccoli soup LOL... just don't compare it to real tortillas, okay?..

Comment #12

How would you count the wraps that you're making with the tortillas, chicken and cheese? I'm new to Medifast and still trying to work the math out..


Comment #13

Half the tortilla recipe= 1 Medifast meal.

2 oz. chicken= Subtract from lean portion.

1 oz. lowfat cheese= Subtract from lean portion (1 oz. cheese counts as 2 oz. of chicken).

This leaves you with around 3 oz. of chicken for another meal that day.

At least that's how I count it!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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