Pure Hoodia Review

Weight loss can get very challenging at times. There is often ongoing hunger that you do not want to have to deal with, cravings that just won't stop, and feelings of fatigue due to a lack of calories.

All of these factors together can cause many individuals to fall of their diet completely. Hoodia, one product out on the market promises to make your diet period a lot more tolerable.

Claims by the product companies making hoodia state that it will slash hunger allowing you to eat fewer calories per day. Eating fewer calories per day then translates into a faster weight loss as calories consumed versus calories burned is what determines weight gain or weight loss.

Some manufacturers also tote hoodia as being a supplement that will give you more energy, further increasing the chances that you lose weight if you use this extra energy to participate in physical activity.

Comments that others who have taken hoodia have noticed are:

-whether it works depends on the individual. Some get really great amounts with a small amount and others don't seem to respond at all.

-Hoodia really suppressed my appetite; the stuff worked. It's the most effective supplement I've used as far as its purpose is concerned.

-I personally found 5HTP worked better.

-Goodbye appetite! I lost four pounds on it really fast.

-Hoodia did nothing for me and I took what is supposed to be the strongest stuff out there. It actually made me starve!

-I tried the pure hoodia without mixing it with anything else for three weeks and all it did was suppress my wallet.

-I tried a sample pack of hoodia and it was effective. It did however, give me pretty much the same results as what I'd get from caffeine.

-I had to use 500 mg of hoodia, three times per day in order to see any appetite suppressant effects.

One important thing to remember when you are reading hoodia reviews for yourself, is whether or not the person claiming to have experience with the product had experience with pure hoodia. This will make a considerable amount of difference as if it isn't pure, you are likely not going to see any results at all. There are estimates out there that state that as much of 80% of the hoodia that is currently found on the market can be counterfeit and not the real thing. This is a huge issue for the buyer to beware of.

The reason this counterfeit hoodia exists in the first place is because the supply of it in the real world is relatively scarce. The plant it comes from is really difficult to grow, takes between four and five years to mature and must be located in a hot environment.

If the hoodia you are buying does not state where it is coming from, this could be a clear sign that it is not going to be pure.

A last important consideration you must keep in mind when reading these hoodia reviews along with others is that it is going to also largely depend on what the particular individual was doing with their diet and workout with regards to the results they saw.

If their diet was incredibly poor nutritionally speaking, even though they may have been eating less, the foods they could have been eating could have caused them to become hungry.

For example, if someone eats 600 calories of refined, simple sugar carbohydrates a day, this is not going to be nearly as filling as if someone ate the same 600 calories from whole grain foods. This would mean that even if hoodia did have appetite suppressing effects for these people, they would have to be abnormally large to overcome the junk food that they had eaten.

The best way to determine whether hoodia works is to try it for yourself. Buy a small bottle and pay attention to the correct dosage. Give it two or three weeks of a trial period however because for some people it can take slightly longer to kick in and become noticeable.

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