Medifast recipe for Pudding -- help?

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I have tried and tried with the pudding making it the way the directions say and it always ends up thin and runny. Can anyone tell me if there is a better way to make it so it is thicker? Thanks...

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I use less water than directed (just under 4oz) and I use either REALLY cold water, or water that has been sitting with ice for a few minutes. I prepare it in a shaker, instead of using a whisk... and shake the crazy out of it!! Then, let I let it sit in the fridge for 30 min to an hour (if I can make it!) It usually comes out pretty thick then. Did you order more than one box? If so, you may try using a packet from another box, it's possible you got a batch missing something??.

Good luck Bettina!..

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I'm with Mac. It has to be a bit less than 4 oz of water and I let it set for 30 min. I don't worry too much about how cold the water is but I'm sure colder helps. Just don't do what I tend to do and think you are making a shake and add 8 oz! It is a good pudding soup but disappointing when you wanted the pudding consistency...

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I make it three hours in advance and freeze it. It is way better if you mix(whip) it - I use my magic bullet but wisking it will help...

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I put 1/2 C of tap water in the shaker, add 2 ice cubes, shake it up for a minute or so to chill the water, take out the ice cubes, then add the pudding and shake for about a min. It always comes out thick and with no lumps this way. I've never had the pudding fail to thicken up on me. I usually let it sit in the fridge for a bout 1/2 hour or so. It makes it colder but doesn't change the consistency too much since...

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I use 4oz but no more of ice cold water from my water cooler. I then use my wisk and stir it till it is creamy. I put in the frig for a bit and it is perfect everytime. Happy Shakin!..

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Thanks guys will use these tips and try again...

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I use my Magic Bullet and it always comes out perfect! I don't have to put it in the refrigerator at all. I just spin and eat.

I really like the idea of putting it in the freezer for three must be similar to ice cream - am I right?..

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Yes, 3 hours in thr freezer is a little like eating ice cream AND it lasts longer...

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I measure exactly 1/2C water, and I like it when it chills overnight. My stick blender gets out the lumps nicely too.

But here's another idea, I tried it last night. I added 1T sugarfree pudding (cheesecake flavor) to my vanilla pudding and it got really thick really fast. I only chilled it because I wanted to eat it cold. I would use less than 1T sf pudding next time because it actually got a little too thick, and that would cut down the extra carbs too. Just an idea........

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