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I just bought some Pro Sage at the store and I was wondering how much of it I can have?.

Is there a general formula for figuring out how much of a veggie soy product like this we can have?.

I picked it up because it had 3 carbs per two sausages. So I'm thinking I can have four..


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I also forgot to add that I used that as a guide when I tried the Morningstar farms meal starters (chik'n and steak are both 5g carbs per serving, and are both vegan I think)..

I didn't ask about them, but they fit the general guide, and they weren't really too much different than the vegi burgers we can have.


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We can still get Loma Linda products where I am, but they are the canned varieties and the sauce/gravy packages. I live in a very 7th Day Adventist town, so there is a demand for the products. I think Worthington bought them out long ago, though..

I will ask nutrition support about this because I eat quite a bit of the Loma/Wothington foods. Soy from a can, ah, that's livin'!..

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If it is 5-6 grams of carbohydrates or less per serving for a soy protein "meat" replacement you can have it on the program. It should be at least 100 calories or so per serving as well...

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I've never heard of this stuff (and always looking for new things my gf can eat). What is it exactly and where did you find it? I live in MA.....

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You can contact a Seventh day Adventist church. They usually have someone who sells the stuff. There is a lady at my church who sells just about everything including Morning Star and Boca products. She has a little store in her home. You can also go to this site and do a store finder and maybe find one near you.


Good luck. I love their food...

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I gave up after 120 mile radius. Safe to say that I don't think there's anywhere around me to find them.....

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Heh. I gave up after 30 miles, because I realized it was not like I would actually drive 50 miles to get the stuff.

I know I can get it (or at least used to be able to get it) in Florida - when we visit my mom and my grandma. I usually forget about that company - because it's not anywhere near where I live.

Thanks for the link!.

Hrm. I only just realized I never thought to check out my food buying co-op. We get a HUGE catalogue from them, and they have stuff from all over...I willhave to check it out for next month's order....


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Well, I have to apologize for that link I gave on a store finder. I just tried putting in my own zip code and it showed nothing. It's obviously not correct. We have a couple of stores in town who sell Worthington products and also the lady from church has everything. Do any of you have a Fred Meyers or Roth's? They carry a few things at our stores here. Safeway used to, but haven't seen much there for a while now...

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I don't have any of those stores. I think I might just be in the wrong part of the country for it...

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You can buy Worthington and Loma Linda products online ..

As a lifelong vegetarian, and Seventh Day Adventist, I would honestly recommend giving some of the following items a shot.

Worthington Low Fat Chili.

Worthington Multigrain Cutlets.

Worthington Vegetable Skallops.

Worthington Low Fat Veja-Links.

Worthington Low Fat Fri-Chik **this is so good even my non-vegetarian friends devour it**.

I personally prefer Worthington, but I'd suggest giving them both a try! Also there is a brilliant cookbook available at Adventist books stores (I searched online for it with no result), called "An Apple A Day". It was written by a group of vegetarian housewives. My family has been using those recipes for about 30 years!.

Hope that helps!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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