Preventing stress eating during Medifast diet

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I don't want a pity party, I just need the help of my Medifast friends right now..

I work for a financial institution. Last year I was robbed with the threat of a loaded gun. I identified him and he was incarcerated. I just received a letter stating he is due for release and when I called the district court, found that my restraining order was only good for the duration of his sentence. I am in the process of filing another restraining order in civil court and I know everything will work out in the end. but right now I just want to cry and eat and eat and eat..

.....i think I just need a hug...

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Drea, I am so sorry you have had to go through all that! Have a good cry, and then figure out another stress-relief strategy. For me, exercise does the trick. I don't know what the weather is like in your area, but could you go for a long walk or bike ride or something? I know I would be lost in junk food hell without my trike when I am over-the-top stressed out, so I go for a long, hard ride and get all the stress out that way. Or maybe try something more primal. When I was a kid and got very stressed, my mom suggested I grab a pillow and scream into it until I felt some relief. Sounds silly, but it worked! Or go to a gym and beat the crap out of a punching bag..

I wish I could be more help, and again, I am so sorry you are going through this. I cannot imagine how stressful and scary this is for you...

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{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} And then some more when you need more!!!.

Eating is only a temporary relief from awareness of the stress. It doesn't do diddly-poop to relieve the stress itself. So hang in there and it will pass. Also, good for you. I admire your strength in all this..


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Hang in there. You are strong and in control and you do not need food to stay safe. The police and courts will protect you from this guy and staying OP will protect you and your health from the danger of obesity...

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Just remember that the food is a temporary thing and I am sure that after it is eaten you won't feel any better.

Refile the RO and stay strong and safe...

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Definitely pursue the new TRO..

Have you contacted the victims services unit at your local police station?.

Have you seen someone for help with Stress/Anxiety/PTSD? I cannot recommend this more for money, nor over state how empowering it is to do this.

Don't eat worrying about what to do, do!..

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My gosh, Drea, I am so sorry. How scary. (((Drea))).

My sister had a peeping Tom incident and he got jailed, and I remember they notified her about his release, and she was scared, but he never bothered her again. Odds are that he will leave you alone. Wishing you lots of strength and peace in the coming days. Don't let him take your power in any way, including by going off-plan over this.

You can get through this. Look at how strong you already are...

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Yikes! I can see how that would be very stressful. I think you've already helped yourself by asking for help on the boards. That's is a great sign you've already been successful at not reaching for food to sedate yourself. Skip the food overload, but it's alright to feel the way you dogive yourself a big 'ole permission slip to feel freaked for a bit, to cry and feel as you do, then do what you can to protect yourself and don't let that stinker influence your life any more than you can help it. My thoughts are with you!..

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How scary! {hug}.

Remember that food will not protect you. (Unless you throw it at this guy! In that case, I'd recommend canned goods.) Take care of yourself in a healthy way. Since it's an on-the-job situation, insurance may cover counseling...

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Wow, that would be scary, Drea!.

Do everything in your power to be safe, but don't stress-eat. As the others have said, it won't change anything..

I remember on another thread someone mentioned taking a nice hot shower when you're stressed. Of course, that's not something you can do just any time of the day, but maybe that, or a nice big cup of your favorite hot tea, or something along those lines would help to relieve the stress. And remember that most of our fears never come upon us, and I'm hoping and praying this will be true in your situation!.

Keep us updated! Praying that all will turn out well!.


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Holy smokes how scary! And am I the only one to be shocked that he robbed you with a loaded gun and got less than a year in jail? Or did I not read that right?.

Stay strong and keep yourself safe!..

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Thanks everybody!! I do feel much better now reaching out to you guys. My boss and co-workers are completely sympathetic and they would do whatever I asked, but I don't think they would get the "need to eat" thing that I have to work through..

Thank you everybody for your much needed hugs and well-wishes!.

Raven - I am jumping on the treadmill when I get home. I definitely need to sweat this out!.

Kiki - I am working with victim services right now. Unfortunately we have been playing phone tag..

Weighty - my work is wonderful, they have offered me whatever I need. I don't think I need counseling, it was just a huge shock to find out that the RO was only in effect while he was behind bars. My first thought was to grab a bag of something and start munching, so instead I came here..

Rebel - you are not the only one who is shocked that he is out early. I don't get it either?? I thought armed robbery of a Federal institution would have had a MUCH longer sentence..

After reading all of your posts and talking myself down from the ceiling I had another reason not to stress eat. I have lost so much weight on MF, this guy probably won't recognize me now!!.


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Lots of hugs from me!.

Where in God's good earth does someone get released after a year for that?..

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On a side note, I bet he doesn't even recognize you!..

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That's what I was thinking. He wont recognize you. Congrats on reaching your goal and not giving in to the stress eating...

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That is a very serious problem I hope you take extra precaution and that the restraining order goes through.

And dont dare let this mean, low life criminal, who already has taken from you, stop you from losing one pound!! You ARE powerful - period!!! and you wont be a victim to him twice - right???..

Comment #15

Thanks guys - still playing phone tag with district court.

I had to look up the exact time when it all happened - May 2009. So he served 1 1/2 years. On top of everything I was just informed that he is not to be supervised, so - does this mean no probation, no probation officer? He doesn't have to check in?..

Comment #16

You need more than just a hug, sweetie..

I said some prayers for you. Your safety and the courts to do what is right to keep you safe..

And you know that 'eating' won't make it better.

I always found the Medifast to be my Port in the Storms. The ONE thing I COULD control. What I put into my mouth. Enjoy the boundaries and simplicity of the Plan right now, so your head will be clear and you can focus on other stuff needed to keep you safe...

Comment #17

Wow I am sorry to read this is happening to you. I find when I need relief from stress, even though I don't want to, exercise works the best the fastest and the surest for relieving the pressure. I never want to do it, I have to force myself. It absolutely works. Be strong and be safe...

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Have you googled yourself? Is your phone number unlisted? Is it possible for you to go to another branch of the financial institution you work for? I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Take good care...

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HUGS!!!! Drea you are strong, stay safe.Excercise always helps me,makes me feel strong!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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