Prednisone for cysts

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I've been having a few cystic breakouts about 4 weeks through and my doctor prescribed me prednisone. I originally took 10mg 3x a day for five days. I was supposed to take erytromyacin (sp?) with it but it gave me terrible gut wrenching pain. He gave me another 28 pills (2 a day for a week, 1 a day for the second week, the one every other day). 6 Days through my skin is amazing. I have about 2 dried up cysts and the rest of my face is completely smooth, just red marks.

I'm not sure if it's the prednisone entirely but ask your derm about it because IMO it's amazing...

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Your question was: Prednisone for cysts.

I'm currently taking a low dose of prednisone in addition to Murad Resurgence (5mg/every other day). It has worked great for me! My derm thought it would calm down the inflammation that was still plaguing my skin in Month 3 of my Murad Resurgence course. It hasn't completely gotten rid of the inflammation but it has really helped. I saw results within the first few days.Mom of a... - you're right, long term use and high dosage of steroid can have bad effects on the body. I think, in the case of acne, as long as the derm is careful about the dosage it can be very beneficial...

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I was put on this as worked. I had a month's supply. 40mg the first week, 30 the 2nd, 20 the third, and 10 the fourth till I was off. It does make you want to eat like a bear. So if I wanted to keep in shape, I had to workout a lot. Maybe you like some junk in the trunk....if so, this drug's for you...

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Maybe it's because I'm on such a low dose but my experience has been totally different. I've actually lost weight since starting Murad Resurgence - about 9lbs. And over half of that has been in the past 3 weeks since I've also been on prednisone...

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Prednisone is a steroid which works to calm inflammation only, it's not going to cure acne. A lot of people are prescribed it along with an antibiotic if their IB on Murad Resurgence is particularly severe.Do be careful with Prednisone. It is a steroid which supresses the adrenal gland so if you stop taking it suddenly after taking it for an extended period of time, it can send your body into shock and may lead to Addisonian crisis, which could be life threatening. You body basically 'forgets' to work the adrenal gland if the steroid is taken for more than 7 days. This is why the dosage is staggered and not just abruptly stopped.I am currently taking it with Erythromycin and Murad Resurgence (20mg) and my dosage has been:50mg immediately, then25mg for a week, then12.5mg for a week, then7.25 mg for a weekSo it's a weaning off process, as opposed to just stopping it abruptly...

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