Potlucks and Medifast

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My DH just told me we are having a party Saturday night. Granted I am on him to be more social so I can't really complain and he did give me warning last month on his way to a club meeting that he would volunteer our house for the holiday potluck. What he left out was the when and how many. So tonight after work he announced Saturday 6pm 25 adults and counting. He also took this opportunity to inform me I am cooking a ham and a turkey for 25. I have work all day tomorrow, allergy testing with my DS at the childrens hospital all day Friday and work again most of the day Saturday.

What in the heck was he thinking? I will not stress out and use this as an excuse to go off plan. I will break this down into small tasks and tackle them one by one. Eating to numb my feelings will not be an option. Dude, again I ask "what the heck were you thinking?" the answer was priceless, it is a potluck so you just have to make two things. Clueless is how I describe him.

I care more about a clean house when company comes than I do about cooking a turkey or a ham. I am making a big batch of my cauliflower mac and cheese, my potluck dish of choice, buying paper goods for serving and letting the rest take care of itself...

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Hopefully DH cares about helping clean up the house too! Since he volunteered the house, he'd better get his apron on pronto. LOL!..

Comment #1

I think the answer to that question is simple - he wasn't. I'm with Kelly, he better get to scrubbing!!..

Comment #2

Oh my gosh, I was LOL...not at you... but shaking my head with you!! You gotta love our little hubbies...sometimes we make it look too easy!..

Comment #3

So just cruising online I have a couple of choices for the ham and turkey purchase. I hope Boston Market can give them to me HOT so I can just send DS over in the minivan to collect them on Saturday evening. Oh DH will clean, usually runs to clean his garage and spends 5 hours blowing leaves off the lawn before company comes. Not this time. Good news is I can't eat anything anyone brings, my food allergies won't allow it. How do I make and eat my Medifast meals? I can't figure that one out for the duration of the party, don't want to be rude and prepare and eat my brownies and not offer any to anyone.

Hmmm this will take some planning and thought...

Comment #4

At least I know what I am wearing...anything I want. Everything in my closet fits!..

Comment #5

You made a wise move to just order the ham and turkey. No need for that stress. :P.

How long is the party? Will you have your L&G during the party? If not, why not just make a brownie ahead of time and eat it when it's time. If everyone is mingling and stuff, would they even notice?..

Comment #6

Put out a bowl of pretzels similar to the new Medifast ones - little breadsticky crackers. Then eat yours. Or put out a plate of brownies, and eat yours. If you're really uncomfortable..

I would just eat what I ate and let people work up the nerve to say something. 99% of the time they don't bring it up..

And DH had better be cleaning or hiring cleaners, if you have a house covered in fine dust!!!..

Comment #7

I expect this crowd will stay late, they go camping together and they are used to sitting around the fire until the wee hours of the next day. I was thinking I will split my L&G since it would seem odd to eat an entire serving of the cauliflower mac and cheese standing up and mingling. I could make 2 brownies and hide them in the back of the fridge, that is a good idea. Thanks Kelly. I wish I could start cleaning right now but the painters will be here sanding again in the morning...

Comment #8

Great idea Freya but I can't eat the Medifast pretzels. If I have time I will try and make a second safe OP dish I can eat so I don't feel deprived. This might be my first 4&2 day, haven't gone there yet but I have been thinking it is an acceptable addition to my plan as I get closer to goal. Going to go clean something now, can't at least get started even if the painters make more mess tomorrow...

Comment #9

Hmmmm, maid service?.

I've had the teas and fruit drinks at parties before. You put them in a glass, and people think it's punch or soda, if you add sparkling water...

Comment #10

I don't have any of the fruit or tea drinks but that is a great idea. When I put out the desserts and coffee I can have a Medifast hot cocoa..

Thanks everybody, group thought helps on this one...

Comment #11

If my dh did that HE would be the one worrying about getting the food and getting the house cleaned. I require a weeks notice at the least and also being consulted about the date.

I'm with freya, just eat your food...

Comment #12

Make a list of what needs to be done, tape it to the counter and tell family "Let's get this done"! Great idea on the ham & turkey...turn the oven on wrap them in foil and that will keep them warm and moist..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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