Medifast recipe for Potato Pie?

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Okay, I'm watching the Food Network (as usual on Saturday morning) and Tyler Florence is making a crunchy potato pie. I'm thinking it might be a good cauliflower recipe if you ditch the sour cream (and add maybe just a little bit of FF sour cream instead). Here's the original recipe (I may try this today, subsitituting the red text) - I just don't know how many servings it would equate to. Will have to guess:.

2 pounds potatoes, washed and halved (2 bags frozen cauliflower).

1 bay leaf.

1 tablespoon freshly grated horseradish (or prepared).

1 cup sour cream (1/4 c FF sour cream).

1/4 cup chives, chopped.

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

1 tablespoon olive oil (olive oil PAM).

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Wash and boil potatoes (cauliflower) in salty water with bay leaf until fork tender. Drain potatoes and mash along with horseradish, sour cream, and chives. Season with salt and pepper.

Put mixture into a 10-inch skillet with 1 tablespoon olive oil and bake until golden and crispy. To serve, invert onto a plate and cut into pieces...

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AWESOME. I have cauliflower almost every night. This looks great...

Comment #1

Yeah, there's a pic on too (,00.html).

It looks really good. I used to make a similar one with pasta & sauce (and an egg) pre-MF, where you pile it into a skillet and pack it down. Once the bottom is cooked, you throw some parmesan on the top and stick it under the broiler. When it's done, you can cut it like pie and eat it with your hands. I'm wondering if I can try this with Shiratakis, using Gia's pasta bake recipe as my base. I just don't know if they'll have the right consistency. I NEVER have cravings but I woke up this morning craving that...

Comment #2

You have ME craving that Potato Pie. Hmmmmmm. I will try that tonight. I love the bags of cauliflower from Trader Joe's. You just tear a corner and nuke for 4 minutes. I can honestly make a great dinner in under ten minutes with the Trader Joe's chicken asada and cauliflower...

Comment #3

Yeah, many thanks for turning me on to TJ's chicken asada. I'm getting ready to go meet a friend to do a little shopping. May have to stop by TJ's because I finished off my chicken asada last night...

Comment #4

I don't know if you eat red meat, or if your TJ's has it...but I also use the carne asada and the beef sirloin for stir fries. They are so convenient and after a long day take just a few to put together into a meal...

Comment #5

OK, my mouth is watering. As for portions, I think, depending on how you count the sour cream, which, before anyone states the obvious, I know is NOT on the program, you could measure/eyeball 1 1/2 cups, and use Other or Private Foods to log the sour cream (amt for entire recipe divided by no. of 1.5 cups portions it made). You'd also have to log the oil, which, for 1-2 tbsps., Nutrisystem is always saying is OK (although I still get nervous about 120-240 extra fat calories being OK). You'd have to think about the sour cream issue. Low or No fat usually has more carbs than full fat, so it's always a trade off..

Thanks for the recipe!!..

Comment #6

This recipe sounds great (I LOVE cauliflower!). How about using Mock Sour Cream? I don't buy FF sour cream anymore as I don't use it up fast enough before it spoils. And, I don't WANT to use it up before it spoils 'cause that means I'm eating just waaay too much of it! LOL I do keep those little 4 oz. individual cups of LF cottage cheese around though. Just a thought...

Thanks for the recipe!!..

Comment #7

I actually had to put a tiny bit of lf cottage cheese in my cauliflower last night as it was all I had to mash it with. It was great. Nice idea Sue Sue...

Comment #8

Great idea for the cottage cheese! I knew I could count on you guys!..

Comment #9

Farrell...I thank you for this. I WAS going to have green beans tonight but they looked so pathetic and BORING. So, I had cauliflower for I swear the tenth day in a row. It was the BEST I have ever made...because of the horseradish tip. I didn't add much of anything. Steamed the cauliflower, dried it on paper towels, threw it in the food processor with a small amount of parmesan, some garlic salt, some Molly Mc Butter, and a tsp.

Pureed it, then put in mini-tart dish and baked it. OMG it was great...

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