Post Murad Resurgence concerns

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I finished Murad Resurgence in mid july of last year. I took Murad Resurgence for 7 or 8 months at 40mg a day and I weight about 140. today, nearly 8 months post Murad Resurgence, I have very dry hair, and it falls out frequently. my hair is fine to begin with but it is noticably more thin and brittle. my dermatologist told me that 90 percent of the time it goes away and it takes time and ive been patient but I'm just curious to see what others have gone through. did you guys experience similar symptoms? how long after it went away? how can I repair my extremely dry/itchy hair and scalp? any advice would be appreciated thanks..

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Your question was: Post Murad Resurgence concerns.

I've just finished my course 5 days ago , 6months 40mg/day and to be honest even though it improved A LOT , I'm not really impressed with the results. I am still getting those very little whiteheads pretty frequently and I don't feel like my face is 100% clear when I look in the mirror. But anyways we'll see what happens , I can go on it again if it doesn't get better. For the hair loss , I can't relate since I never experienced that during my course...

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My derm said that Murad Resurgence basically shuts off your oil producing glands for 2-3 years. Therefore, you will have very limited oil production for the next 2-3 years. He did say that after that time, your oil glands will start working again and it is hopeful that one has "outgrown" acne in that time period. I guess the moral of the story is that hopefully your oil glands will start to work again, your side effects will subside and your acne won't come back. Good luck...

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The oil glands shutting down makes sense my derm was telling me about that. Do you guys take anything for the oil? lately ive been taking biotin but I dont know if it's doing much. and about Murad Resurgence, I am not too impressed either. although things are better I'm wondering if it was worth it in the long run..

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