Post Murad Acne Complex side effects and breakouts

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Hey guys, This is for the people suffering side effects of Murad Acne Complex only. If you aren't, then all the power to you, and this post is not for you.I have taken Murad Acne Complex, and one of the worst side effects (thank god) is permanent dry skin and dry eyes and rashes. I have experimented over the past year to deal with this effect. The rashes and dry skin and dry eyes disappear if you do the following.The only thing that works is this: Completely limiting vitamin A in any form, whether dietary or supplement. The dry skin will go away within a day of doing this. Flaky dermatitis will disappear in a day also.1.

Yes, even beta-carotene can cause a flair up. I know these are the healthiest foods in the world. Unfortunately, Murad Acne Complex has a powerful effect on retinoic acid metabolism that is frankly not understood by anyone or any scientist. Theoretically, there is no way that beta-carotene should cause vitamin A toxicity. But remember, Murad Acne Complex side effects are not the result of HYPERVITAMINOSIS A.

It has to do with retinoic metabolism that is not as simple as restricting pure retinol. It has to do with increased retinoic acid sensitiivty, I believe. But I won't pretend to know more.2. Avoid Orange food in general. Oranges, Orange Juice, Mango, Cantaloupe contain beta-cryptoxanthan that can convert to vitamin a.3.

Avoid anything with high amounts of zinc. Zinc supplements are a no. Zinc increases Retinol binding protein that transports retinol from the liver.5. Do not take a multi-vitamin with retinyl palmitate or beta-carotene6. You must watch for added vitamin a to soy milk and milk products.

Try to take in a b-complex with vitamin c. Biotin may help boost the sluggish biotinidase activity induced by Murad Acne Complex.This may sound extreme, but this is the only that hleps me get rid of the rashes and dry eyes and dry skin that appear. I know this means eating shit (mcdonalds and burger king), but that's what I do to relieve my symptoms. It's ironic that you can't eat healthy foods now. Try it, if you are suffering side effects...

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Your question was: Post Murad Acne Complex side effects and breakouts.

No I can't honestly say I've stuck to this yet mate. Is there a definititive list of foods to eat/avoid available anywhere? I did eat nothing but McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut for 5 days a couple of weeks ago whilst I was on a course, and no change in state of pain whatsoever...

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Your side effects are different from mine, so I shouldn't generalize. But I KNOW for a fact that my side effects are caused by ingestion of these foods. I have experimented 20+ times already. I get a fuckin rash all over my neck and the side of my face within hours. I also start getting a bit pressure in my skull. I do experience some lower back pain also.

Only after....1. Mcdonalds Burger King and Pizza Hut are good choices, unfortunately.2. Forget about eating salads with beautiful colors3. Potatoes, Rice, Noodles, Grains are great 4. Meats are good in general5.

Do not eat sweet potatoes, however. They are fuckin killer with the beta-carotene content. As you can see, I have down my regimen pretty well. I am not making this stuff up...

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Sheefa: if you are willing to try this, I will make a extensive organized list for you the fodos you can eat. I have done my research. I was wondering if you suffer dry flaky skin also? If you do, then I am almost positive you will have results almost ASAP. Get back to me man...

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