Please could someone tell me what the Medifast Diet is thanks lisa?

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Question I have... Please could someone tell me what the Medifast Diet is thanks lisa? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Hi there I am new to this site, I just ordered the medifast products online a few days ago and am anxiiously awaiting my shipment, I would like to know if anyone has any tips, or suggestions on how to start this program..once you reach your goal weight how do you approach maintenance? Also is it true you shouldnt exercicse the first 4 weeks on this program? Youde think that would be helpful to trigger the weight loss...

Also are there some negative things to be watching when starting this program? I have read about headaches..and also hair loss or thinning has anyone out there experienced this? Is the book they send you in the welcome kit very helpful? I am hoping to lose 30 lbs on this diet and am finally determined to put 100% effort in this plan. I look forward to hearing others stories....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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Welcome! Check out the "Things I wish I'd known..." thread - it has a TON of useful info..

I think a 30-lb loss would be unlikely to cause hair loss, but it's pretty individual. And the hair loss will usually stop once your weight stabilizes. Headaches typically are only an issue in the first few days to a week, when your body is getting used to the change in diet..

They say don't start to exercise in the first few weeks because your body needs time to adjust to the severe drop in calories. If you are already exercising you can continue to do so, but don't go longer than 45 minutes because you just aren't getting enough calories to be exercising longer than that. Bottom line is if your body thinks it's not getting enough it will cling to every molecule of fat it can and your weight loss will slow down..

Good luck!! You've picked a great program and the Medifast community is very helpful...

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I just bumped a thread for you called "Things I Wish I'd Known When Starting Medifast." Very comprehensive, and a good place to start!.

In general, my advice is to read ALL the materials under success tools carefully, and print out at least one set of the lean, green, and meatless options and the condiment list to have as a handy reference in your kitchen. (If you eat a lot of meals away from home, I'd suggest one for your purse or car, too.) Stash some extra bars or puffs in your car/purse/desk drawer in case your plans change, so you're never without a mealthis makes it easier to stay OP. Drink all your water and then some. For me, I prefer to weigh only once a week, so as not to get too emotionally tied up in every little fluctuation, but other people seem to really thrive on daily weigh-ins..

As a general rule, especially at the beginning, I would say just have faith in the plan and don't try to overthink it or 'enhance' it. You might feel yucky the first few days, so if you can plan to take it a little easy, that might help. I believe the general reccomendations about exercise are based on giving your body some time to adjust to the low calorie and carbs, especially if you've been mostly sedentary. If you have questions about continuing a specific routine you can ask Training Support..

There's a wealth of information on the boardseven if you feel intimidated about posting (I don't really think most of us are THAT scary, and almost everyone posts from good intentions, IMO), you can browse through older posts; odds are anything on your mind has been asked before..

Best of luck!..

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What book? I didn't get a book! I got a little pamphlet with the same 4 sheets telling what you can eat (the leans, the greens, the 2 page condiment list). But no book. Or is THAT the "book."..

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Did you do the VIP thing? I think it comes free with your first shipment when you do that.....

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I second the recommendation for a food scale, it makes all the difference because most veggies are really hard to try to measure in a cup measure. Here is the veggie conversion chart Toasty mentioned. It gives you the weight equivalent for all on-plan veggies (the weight listed is for 1 serving - be sure to get 3 servings of veggies per day)..

Veggie Weights.pdf..

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Everyone else has given good advice.......I just want to welcome you and wish you well...

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I got a copy of "The Secret is Out" with my first order, and I don't THINK I ordered it separatelymaybe it was part of the VIP package? But I honestly don't recall there being a lot in there that isn't replicated in the free download sheetsjust more testimonials, a history of the program, etc, and I guess a few recipes (but the ones on the boards are better!). I'll take a peek this evening, but from what I recall, I wouldn't spend $20 on it...

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This is definitely true it is duplicative of the other info that's on here, and you could probably cobble together your own version by printing out various stuff from the site if you wanted to exert the effort. Not worth spending the money on, but if you're getting it anyway, it's an easy read and very convenient to have it all presented there together...

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Thanks so much for all your posts! Im very excited to start this new program!!!..

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Welcome to MF, smbia!.

You've already been pointed at some great resources, but I"ve got a few tips that really helped (and continue to help) me..

1) Post a list of your preferred meal times next to a clock (we got a special clock) in whatever room(s) you spend the most time in. This will help you get through your first week when you may be HUNGRY by talking yourself down ("Okay.. just an hour to go, I can do that.. drink more water.. then okay, just 30 minutes to go until I eat - I can do ANYTHING for 30 minutes, even be hungry..") After your first week or three when your appetite goes down as you get used to plan and are in ketosis then the clock and times will help REMIND you to eat :-) My list is still posted, and I've been on Medifast since July 2010. FYI - My personal meal times are 9am, 11:30am, 2pm, 4:30pm, 7pm and 10pm.

Is it possible to always have meals spaced like that? No - of course not. But it helps me try to get everything in and spaced out as much as possible. I hope this tip helps you too..

2) Read, read, and read more. These forums are fabulous for support and information. Official Medifast information (about plan details including what to eat, how to transition properly, when to add exercise, etc..) are available in the "Success Tools" tab at the top of this and every web page on the website..

3) Finally - drink water. Lots and lots of water. (and figure out where the restrooms are, because you'll be peeing a lot too - especially for the first month or two!).

I look forward to hearing more about your journey - please keep posting! I also hope you enjoy your Medifast journey as much as I have mine so far..


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My first shipment arrives tomorrow. Cannot wait to get started!..

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Welcome and good luck to you. If you like to drink coffee, you can mix the cappuccino or hot chocolate drink with it (I like to do that in the morning). Also, the soups - make sure you soak them in the recommended amount of water for several hours or overnight prior to eating them. This will soften up the chicken/beef/beans/noodles, etc. and you will not feel like your chewing on pebbles. Use seasonings to help flavor your food like a little garlic or onion power, vanilla extract, cinnanmon, or Mrs.

It really does help. And buy a scale!! You can get one at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99. Make sure you find one that shows both oz. and gram weights. There is a file on the MR boards that will show the conversion of raw veggies to cooked but it is in grams...

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Buy yourself a water bottle that you like! and maybe get two. I have four just for myself. I can fit it into my purse and no one knows it's there. I also have three thermos' for my soups. Good luck and Welcome..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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