Medifast recipe for Pizza's for L&G?

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I was making homemade pizza's for my family the other day, and I improvised for myself because I didn't feel like cooking another meal for myself..

I took two large portabella mushrooms, put a little olive oil, garlic, and kosher salt on top. Added some tomatoe slices a little turkey peperoni, and mozzerella cheese on top. Of course check the amounts to make sure you are within the L&G guidelines..

I put them in the oven on 375 for about 10 minutes (I think). Anyway, they were quite tasty. My husband was saying OOOO I want one of those! It smelled like pizza, tasted like pizza, and the only difference is that the mushrooms retain a lot of water, so they were kind of messy and drippy..

It did the trick...

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I just happen to have some large portabellas in the fridge (and I NEVER buy those!) It's a sign: I must try this. I even have some leftover homemade tomato sauce that I made for the kids' spaghetti... Hopefully string cheese will be OK for my "lean". I wonder if you can "sweat" the liquid out of the mushrooms by salting them for a bit like you can do with cucumber, zucchini etc. Like stuffed mushrooms. Thanks for this idea!!..

Comment #1

We can have turkey pepperoni?!?.

Oh Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! *dances about*.

I tried making a portabella pizza, but without the pepperoni it just didn't taste right. It was also quite drippy and messy, as you said, so I'm with you on trying to figure that part out..

Oh, I am so glad there is turkey pepperoni! Now I just have to find some.....

Comment #2

I did not say we COULD have turkey peperoni, I would check with Nutrisystem on that. I said I DID have turkey peperoni. Maybe they will jump in here and straighten me out, but I just assumed we could after checking the package..

Serving size 17 slices, calories 80, total fat 4 (sat. 1.5), sodium 600 mg, total carbs 0, protein 9gr...

Comment #3

I made this tonight, only with tomato sauce (nothing illegal in it) and some saute onions over the cheese. Next time I will try to get the cheese nice and golden and bubbly (mmmmmmmm piiiiizzaaaaaa) tonight we were too hungry to wait. I used 2 mozzarella string cheeses (2 oz = 12 grams fat, Nutrisystem said it should be 3-5 fat grams per ounce). Also shared chicken breast with husband. We were actually a little shy on our "lean", you really don't need much cheese. We were FULL after dinner still... thanks for the idea!..

Comment #4

I'd bet if you cook the portobello on medium-high heat in a dry nonstick pan for about 3 mins per side beforehand, you'll get rid of a lot of the moisture. Then it will be a lot easier to dress and broil.

Might give it a try...

Comment #5

The pepperoni seems a little high in sodium and fat, but if you are only use a small amount that would be fine...

Comment #6

Wow...sounds soooo good. That my dinner for tonite ,sans pepperoni.....

Comment #7

Thanks NS. I use 4 or 5 turkey pepperoni per piece, or make a shrimp or chicken pizza...

Comment #8

Sounds so good. I am new and my mind just hasn't opened up this much. Thanks for the idea!! It is great to know we can still eat food. BTW, I bet it would be good with a little ground up turkey...

Comment #9

I made this tonight and it was so good. I used garlic salt on it. I hate turkey but the turkey pepporoni tasted just like the real thing. It was nice to have pizza...

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