Medifast recipe for Pho Soup?

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Okaythis is my first attempt at creating my own recipehope you like it.

I have to say that I live in Long Beach., which has the largest Cambodian population in the world, outside of Cambodia. There are Pho (pronounced Fuh as in fudge) restaurants EVERYWHERE and it was killing me, as I love to eat this soup. It generally consists of broth, veggies and rice noodles..

I decided to whip up a version of my own before temptation overtook me. This recipe makes a large bowl of soup with light yummy broth. When I made it I used a FULL block of Light Extra Firm Tofu and there was no way I could have finished the bowl. My kids loved it. I included a few links to some of the ingredients you may not be familar with..

Pho Soup.


1 package Shirataki Noodles (7-8 oz) I use the all yam ones from House Foods.

1 half block Lite Extra Firm Tofu, cubed (or "lean" meat of choice).

Cup bean sprouts.

Cup green onions/cilantro combined.

Basil and mint leaves (optional).

Harvest Dragon Vietnamese PHO Beef Broth Mix -1 tsp is 3 carbs and that is what I used (if you cant find this, you can use a bullion cube).



Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Cooking Sauce or crushed red peppers.

True Lemon or True Lime.

Splenda (optional).

Rinse, drain and cut Shirataki. Bring 3 cups (or more depending on how much broth you want) water to a boil, add noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, half of the onion/cilantro combination and cover pot.

When soup boils again, turn off flame and let it sit for a few minutes. Pour into bowl, sprinkle remaining onion/cilantro on top. Garnish with basil and mint leaves, if you like. Add Lemon or Lime to taste. Add Sriracha Chili sauce(sir-AH-cha) with can burn!.

I added the Splenda as an optionusually I would use Hosin sauce, but it adds more carbs. I do like the soup with a spicy and slightly sweet taste, but did not use the Splenda when I made it this weekend...

Comments (6)

Gee Paula, FINALLY some cooking from you. Thanks for this. Sounds great. You GO girl...

Comment #1

Oh, my mouth is so watering. I spent some time in Cambodia two years ago, as well as Laos and Vietnam, and I LOVE pho! I've gotta find the Pho soup base. If this is any indication of your culinary talent, please keep cooking and posting!!..

Comment #2

Are there any carbs in the soup base? Will check the local Asian groceries, hope I can find it.

I hate konyaku in any formgrew up eating it, swore I'd never eat it again once I left home (shudder). Reading about wondernoodles et al, I'm wondering (pun intended) if this has an Americanized taste and texture.

So I'm going to try this but probably add bean sprouts and julienned cabbage instead. Not pho, but close!.

Gwen in l.a...

Comment #3

The soup base does have 3 carbs per teaspoon and you can buy it from amazon if you follow the link. As an alternative, you can you a bullion cube, or both for more flavor. I havent had the "wondernoodles" (funny) because I can find the Shiriaki easily, but I think they are the same type. Hope that helps..

Comment #4

Oh, and I actually found the soup base in my local Albertson's in Long Beach...

Comment #5

Thanks Paula. I would imagine since I live in LA I can find it too. XOXOXO..

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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