Medifast recipe for Petlady Tuna Melt?

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Okay so I was going to go work on Farrell's inspiration for potato pancakes out of cauliflower...but then I realized that with this morning's fun and frolic on the boards that I forgot to eat. So, I made a Tuna Melt from Petlady's crust/cracker. Just made it with cream of chicken, took a little and tuna and ff cheese (deduct from L&G) and threw it all together. Under the broiler. This was a good one kids...

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Hmmm... I will put this one in my to-do list. After my potato pancakes.....

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Those pancakes will be my dinner. Such a great idea. Touche...

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Pancakes out of cauliflower? I have been looking around for the post with this recipe but I can't find it, would you point me in the right direction? This sounds wacky, but I bet it is good. I love potato pancakes so this sounds like a winner. I have had mashed cauliflower before and with enough garlic I really liked it, but I could never get it to be not so watery. Is there a trick?..

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PS that tuna melt sounds scrumptious, I have to give that a try. I wonder if the soy cheese would work well here? hmmm.....

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Hi Unicorn,.

There isn't a recipe for the fake potato pancakes yet, that I know of, but Farrell had the idea and we are going to work on it. I LOVE the mashed cauliflower. I think to get it less watery, first steam, boil or microwave it and then let it drain on paper towels. I actually put it back in a pan over some medium heat and cook it until the water evaporates. Just like I do so potatoes aren't still wet when I mash them. I also let them keep a little texture, rather than make them mushy.

So I am thinking that baking them in a pan like pancakes might actually dry them out and make them not so watery too. Going to experiment and will get back to everyone..

PS The tuna melt WAS good...

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Thanks Bettina, I think baking would be a great idea. I also wonder if after letting it cool a bit I could kind of drain it by squeezing it in a tea towel, the way they do with frozen spinach. hmmm... I am going to experiment. Peace..

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Oh yeah and I forgot to answer about soy cheese. I don't really know much of anything about that. I am not brave enough. Do you like soy cheese? Is there a big difference in the one you use as far as calories, fat and carbs as opposed to the lf cheese most peeps use? Maybe I should get some since everyone is talking about it...

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I haven't bought any soy cheese in awhile but I use to like it when I was big into being a veg head. I really don't remember the calories, but I know some were lo fat. I saw a post yesterday on soy cheese and it got me to thinking about that, maybe I'll get some. I suppose it would work on the tuna melt. I find that regular cheese from dairy makes me hungry afterward. I suppose it is carbs? Whatever it is I have not been indulging, but I thought maybe soy might work...

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I found this online....

Sounds AWESOME!.

Cauliflower "Potato" Pancakes.

1 head of cauliflower, washed.

4 eggs.

Optional: chopped onions, salt and pepper to taste.

In a food processor, puree cauliflower, add eggs, and blend thoroughly. Should be light colored and fluffy in texture. Spoon on hot oiled griddle. Brown approximately 4 minutes on each side. Note: make size small, they will be easier to flip..

You can certainly cook more than one pancake at the same time. You can also double the recipe with no problems at all..

Serve with a light sprinkle of chopped chives. If you want to salt them, do it after they are cooked; salting them before they are cooked draws water out of the vegetables and dilutes the batter..

Enjoy w/some salsa or chopped tomatoes too. YUM!..

Comment #9

Okay this sounds sooo silly but it doesn't mention cooking the cauliflower first. I am assuming you do...

Comment #10

I was thinking the same thing about cooking the cauliflower first. I'm going to anyhow... Thanks for looking up the recipe!..

Comment #11

We use soy cheese. I buy the Quesadilla cheese (the orange kind is nasty) and it melt nicely. Everyone agrees that it tastes like mazarella. That would be good on the tuna melt...

Comment #12

Potato Pancakes:.

As far as I know... NO you don't cook them they cook on the griddle. I will try it and let you know...

Comment #13

Momtolissa, thanks. I want to try this too but if you do it let me know. I have had cauliflower for L&G for probably a week straight. Love the stuff..

Comment #14

Mine cauliflower pancakes are on the stove as we speak. I cooked the cauliflower first. Will let you know how they taste (they smell divine)...

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Okay, the cauliflower pancakes are one of my favorite meals yet. Since I was making only for me, I modified momtolissa's recipe (also because we all know I'm lazy and find it much easier to buy frozen cauliflower). I cooked the frozen cauliflower (with broken garlic cloves in the water), then measured out my 1.5 cups. I mashed, then added 1 egg, 1/3 c. LF cheddar, snipped a couple of chives in there, and pepper. Then I dropped 4 pancakes onto a hot griddle sprayed with PAM and cooked well on one side, flipped, and cooked well on the other side.

And it really seemed like a lot of food...

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Oh Farrell that's great. So glad you got the cauliflower bug now too. I am trying this tonight...

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