Medifast recipe for Pepermint Patty?

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I was talking to someone this morning about the drink "Pepermint Patty". So after a little thought I am currently drinking one in the form of a shake. It is pretty yummy. I was a little tired of the Mocha shake so I thru in two candy mints along with my water and ice. Let it sit a little while, then whipped it up in a blender. Yum yum! I think it will be great in a chocolate shake...

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Why not just use a few drops of pure peppermint extract? Certainly would be easier and a more pure taste. Closer to York, I'd think.

I may try this with my cocoa. I think it would be fabulous on these newly chilly mornings we're having here.

Break out the reindeer sweaters, girlies!..

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I LOVE the flavor of Chocolate & Mint together. I add peppermint extract to my hot cocoa quite often. Of course, pre-Medifast days, it was peppermint schnapps! Oh the memories of times gone by!..

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We just had our first below 60 degree night last night.. you'all are making me thirsty for a Medifast pepermint hot cocoa.. hehehehehehehe..

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What is very good is butter rum sugar free Davinci syrup in the banana shake or the creme de menthe Davinci sugar free syrup in the chocolate shake or the hot chocolate..

I find it helps because I use them when I am at home I feel like I have more flavors - more variety. When I am at work I just mix them up as they come in the package..

Davinci does a pretty good job with my on line order..


I also have bought the sugar free raspberry at Walmart which goes well with chocolate too...

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I improvised with what I had available at work. I think that I might just have to order some of the syrups online cause I can't find a good variety in the store...

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Be careful with the peppermint extract! I added too much the first time I used it in my Dutch Chocolate shake and it was almost to strong to drink. I've found that about an 1/8 tsp is plenty. I think I used about 1/2 tsp that first time, yikes! But boy, were my sinuses clear.....

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Make sure those mints are sugar free those little peppermints/spearmint you get at restaurants have 20 calories and 5 carbs EACH!!! unbelievable I know, but I'm a hostess and I restock the mints and the nutrition info is on the boximagine all those carbs in that tiny mint that is like 1 inch in diameter lol..

Comment #7

AMEN, sister!.

My fave recipe: rumpleminz schnapps, ghirardelli dark chocolate powder, 1 tsp of turbinado sugar and 2/3 whole milk and 1/3 cream..

SURELY you didn't think I gained this weight from salads, did you? Unlike a lot of fat women (and probably men!), I own what I've done over the years. No simpering "I don't eat too much! I'm just big boned/have thyroid issues/too sedentary". Hell no, I ate it and I drank it and I had a grand time.

I danced; my piper is being paid. Heh...

Comment #8

[quote=girlThang]AMEN, sister!.

My fave recipe: rumpleminz schnapps, ghirardelli dark chocolate powder, 1 tsp of turbinado sugar and 2/3 whole milk and 1/3 cream..

Jeni - why am I not surprised that you have a fave recipe for this! I'll have to file this one away for the future when I can imbibe (sp) again - in moderation of course!..

Comment #9

Second Amen to Jeni,.

I ate every pound I weigh. It was a lifestyle that was based on over consumption of "eat, drink, and be merry". But, as my signature says, I am ready to enjoy more than food. I look forward to the pepermint shake...

Comment #10

Girlthang, you are just to funny, seems like I always end up laughing even at your serious post. You always lay it out just where it should be. Yes, I did it to myself as well. Thing is I think people do it in different ways. Some people eat large meals or sit in front of the TV eating ice cream from a carton or chips from a bag that would feed a small nation..

Others are like me, I never sit down with a big anything, my eating is done (or was done) one chip or cookie at a time. I mean, I would grab a cookie, chocolate bar (I would even cut my bars up into pieces to fool myself that I was not eating a whole bar) every few hours. I have not had breakfast or lunch in years. I would start picking from the time I came home from work, pick through cooking dinner, pick while cleaning house. God know how many calories it all added up to. Calories are all the same no matter how ou eat them, in mass or little by little throughout the day. I am holding my hand up...Yes, I admit that I did this to myself and the fat fairy had nothing to do with it...

Comment #11

Melanie ~.

I thought that we could have up to 3 mints per day? I am going to have to check with Nut Support on this...

Comment #12

You guys all got me going with he peppermint talk. Just made a shake out of the chocolate pudding (I hate pudding so I make it into shakes), some Davinci SF Peppermint Patty syrup (love this) and a few drops of peppermint extract. DEEEELISH!..

Comment #13

Davinci has a sugar free peppermint syrup that is incredible. One of my favorites. I did the too much peppermint extract and had to throw the shake away. It take VERY LITTLE to get the flavor with extracts.


Comment #14

You can have 5 SUGARFREE mints I jsut said to make sure youre using sugarfree ones, and not just plain peppermint candies which are full of sugar.

Sugarfree mints include like the ones made by altoids, etc usually the small ones in the checkout line..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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