People who want to see you fail on Nutrisystem

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I have lost 24 lbs. so far on Nutri System and my whole attitude has changed. I feel good about myself and I have more energy and I am happy. The one thing I noticed is that certain people seem to want to see me fail. For instance, Many people say "oh the weight will just come back on" or they may say " Nutri system is not good for you". These are only a few of the comments that I have heard since I started the program.

I am not sure if it is human nature or just pure envy, either way they can kiss my thin ass...

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Your question was: People who want to see you fail on Nutrisystem.

Misery loves company. Just keep being the confident, sucessful person you are and listen to real complements...

Comment #1

Good for you on your loss!!People can be so trite...

Comment #2

Yep it sounds like you know some people who are jealous! Congrats on the 24 lbs lost!..

Comment #3

Birds of a feather, flock together, and you are changing your feathers. People are noticing and a few will not like it. Congratulations on your nice loss24lbs is wonderful! Just come here when you want to hear the other side and we will make you feel good about the wonderful choices you are making...

Comment #4

Use it as motivation to keep you going. Just redirect negative energy into something more positive for yourself...

Comment #5

Just keep kicking ass, baby. Eye of the tiger. Nothing speaks like results...

Comment #6

Think of it as a passive aggressive method of effing with them, by not even arguing...just continueing to run your program and lose. Mwahahaha!..

Comment #7

Come in here and you will get all the positive strokes you need to keep you going. My DH said, would you like to do Mexican this Saturday? I'm like...what???? And, he said, well you can have the soup. I just stared and him in total disbelief. He is the one who encouraged me to start this and so I had to laugh....I told him no, not without chips/salsa/cheese dip and a margarita...and, we know that isn't happening! Gotta' love 'em. Mexican is my fav so I love all the beans, rice and tortilla soup....sans margarita, sadly! But, the journey is worth the lack of margarita!..

Comment #8

Agree, ignoring people like that is best..

However, I saw a bumpersticker years ago that would be a fun comeback:.

"Sure I'm fat, but you're ugly and I can lose weight."..

Comment #9

Lose as much weight as you can and rub it in their face as hard as you can...

Comment #10


I agree. If you cannot anything good, say nothing at all. Some people have no home training or grandmothers..

Comment #11

Like that old Winston Churchill quote-my favorite, "I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly."..

Comment #12

Congratulations on your 24 lbs gone. People are probably starting to notice the 24 lb difference and the different you. Just think of it this way, they don't want you to fail, they are just uncomfortable with the new you. You are becoming healthier and it shows. It brings up their little checklist in their mind of all the things they need to do, but it is quicker to diminish your gains than to work on their own. This is the time when true friends shine. They only want what is best for you, not what is best for them...

Comment #13

Thanks All, well I am now down 35 lbs. I cannot believe how easy this is, I love most of the food and learned how to eat very slow and it works great. The slower I eat the more full I feel, I just had rotini with meatballs and it took me at least 20 minutes to eat just that. Now I feel full and the best part is....I am having my brownie with coffee later on tonight. Thank you Nutri System and God bless you, I really do believe you saved my life...

Comment #14

For some, your success is their failure..

Be gentle and show them the way by example...

Comment #15

Same with alcoholics when you quit drinking- God help them if they have to stop and take a look at themselves. Misery loves company. If they can keep you drinking, then they don't have to deal with their own issues...

Comment #16

Thank You, Attitude is half the battle. I also like some other quotes I read from nutri system, Once food passes the tongue, you can no longer taste it so what sense does it make to shovel food down and not enjoy it. Also, I have a saying when I am thinking about cheating....Nothing tastes as good as thin and this quote really helps me stay on track...

Comment #17

Good luck on your weight loss success, you are aiming for about the same amount to lose as I am and we are both doing a hell of a job..

Comment #18

People want to believe it won't work and you will put the weight back on, because if that is not true, then they have one less excuse for being fat...

Comment #19

Congrats to you on your successful weight loss AND on your fabulous attitude! Everyone who posted here is right on - this if for you, don't let the "haters" get ya down, and just keep on working your program Some will never see the positives in your success, but that's their problem. Think of the people you're motivating (even if they can't cop to it yet LOL) Hurray for you..

Comment #20

OH haters gotta love them.... let them watch your slender booty while you walk away everytime.... THAT should do the trick..

Comment #21

Fantastic attitude - and 35 lbs!! You know you are creating a healthy lifestyle change for yourself - just have to shake your head at the ignorants. You should be so proud of your loss to date..

Comment #22

I second that thought!!! I love what I learned here with Nutrisystem and I love a slimmer, healthier me - and more - I love my healthy friends!.

You are not only sweet, but completely correct!!! Nice way to put it!.

Sometimes it really is very similar. I've had those experiences. People putting down my food choices because they can't get the will to make those choices themselves.

LOL!!! Well said!!!..

Comment #23

You are AWESOME!.

I work primarily with women, and at first they were all supportive, THEN I started to get smaller than them, now I have lost 61 pounds, 9 to go and wear a size 6, They are mean. They tell me I am too thin, ( Yeah right), How can I eat that food, Dont lose any more you are good enough, etc etc etc, I smile and walk away. The green-eyed monster is lurking around every corner. Dont let people get to you. Keep doing what you are doing!.


Comment #24

How discouraging it must be for THEM to see you doing so well - 24 pounds is fantastic and you should be so proud! Many of the comments that I had about my weight were very sly and underhanded - they will try to make you as despondent as they are.

Good for you that you can brush it off for what it is....pure envy!..

Comment #25

I hate to say this but the ONLY people that made snotty remarks - primarly asking if I was PREGNANT - were the womenfolk.

People - my personal rule of thumb here - unless you are sitting with the woman in question at HER baby shower or she screams at you to take her to the hospital because she is in LABOR - never, ever, ever, ever, ever ask a woman if she is pregnant. Never. Sigh.......

Comment #26

Way to go!.

Cracks me up when people say it is unhealthy. like being fat is healthy!!!! They weren't saying anything to me then! Are there healthier meals? Sure. Less processed food is more healthy. But this is convenient!!!!! AND it works!!!!..

Comment #27

A hot body & (ool wardrobe = the best revenge!.

Your favorite quote is also mine.

I've just survived the Italian Ameri(a (lub of Maui's summer potlu(k pi(ni( on 3 bottles of water, a serving ea(h of 2 salads, a single sip of DH's vino, & an Nutrisystem lun(h bar. That was tough, '(ause those people are outstanding Italian (ooks...& equate food with love! Whew!..

Comment #28

Thanks to everyone for the advice on how to handle the jealous people who want to put me down. I will take each and every persons advice and use it. Today I am down 37lbs. I am now on a mission...

Comment #29

I have lost 29 lbs and am extremely pleased with myself. I haven't had any negative comments, but my sister knows what I am doing and NEVER asks if I am doing well or how much I have lost. To me that's almost like a negative comment also...

Comment #30

Oh, CONGRATS to All who have lost any weight!!!!!..

Comment #31

Sibling rivalry is always tricky. Sometimes it can work in a helpful way, sometimes it'll drag on you. It's guaranteed she does notice the weight you've lost, have no fear there.

Reading your post I'm not sure if maybe your sister also could stand to lose some weight and doesn't like that your success is kind of bringing that unavoidably to her attention... or if your sister is in shape and is feeling like she's "losing ground" compared to you.

Either way, move on. If she also needs this, your success will pave a path she can follow in time. If she's just feeling like you're "catching up", well, tough petunias for her. She'll get over it...

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