Medifast recipe for Peach Iced Tea?

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Does anyone else think it's a tad sweet?.


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I just wanted to bring this thread back up because I decided to order the peach tea in spite of the fact that all I have heard about it is horror stories.

I got it today, decided to have some tonight for my last Medifast meal. Guys, my taste buds think it is really yummy. I blended it in the bullet with some ice cubes and a bit a Crystal Light lemonade powder.

I think it is going to be really a nice change as the weather gets warmer..

My point is, if you haven't tried one of the products, you can't really judge whether or not you are going to like it by what others say about it. Everyone has such different tastes..

I'll try the fruit punch and raspberry tea next month. Those have gotten equally hideous reviews. I'll probably like them, too...

Comment #1

Ihaven't tried the tea yet but I am quite fold of the tropical punch. I add either some crystal light or a true lime and a pinch of splenda and some seltzer - it makes quite a delicious drink!..

Comment #2

I need to try to doctor the peach tea up somehow. It was really hard to get down, almost medicinal tasting, but if it's one thing I have learned, it's that everything on Medifast can be doctored up somehow...

Comment #3

I couldn't stand the tea one bit, and the tropical punch I could only drink if it was super ice cold. I'd mix it with ice water, then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, then drink it fast before it could warm up again. I haven't ordered any since the first box I had...wasn't worth it...

Comment #4

Its funny you say this. I actually enjoy nearly everything medifast has offered me thus far. Even the not so popular orange shake and chai. The only thing I'm a little ho-hum about is actually a crowd favorite: the chicken noodle soup! (and that is actually fine with a little salt addition.)..

Comment #5

The peach ice tea is one of my favorites, I hate the Chai makes me gag!..

Comment #6

Some health food stores sell a vanilla flavored stevia, which makes everything taste wonderful. or, some vanilla extract and stevia. mmmm..

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