Medifast recipe for Pb&j?

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Anyone had any luck with this?.

Would a PB pancake with Grape Walden Farms spread be weird (I was thinking of using a MBS oatmeal as the base, with PB flavoring + SF DaVinci PB syrup. HATE to use the caloried/fat/carbs on real PB)..

Any other PB&J suggestions?.


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Believe me, I've thought about this one A LOT. The PB syrup just doesn't make the cut when it comes to PB&J. You're going to have to use real peanut butter..

One thought that came to mind was doing the peanut butter cookies (using MBS Oatmeal), then smearing one with PB and another with jelly. Squish 'em together and you've basically got it. However, that cookie recipie leaves a strong maple syrup flavor that I don't really want..

Haven't figured out how to get around the fact that our only real baking option is always sweetly flavored...

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I haven't tried recipes yet...what is MBS oatmeal?.

Thank you..


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MBS=maple and brown sugar oatmeal....

Sounds great, but I can't do the PB...huge trigger for me. Good luck tho!..

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Is the Walden Farms jelly made without real fruit? I'm just asking since I thought fruit was forbidden during this stage of our lives. Thanks!..

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Walden Farms fruit spreads are no cal, no carb, fat free and sugar free so they are probably made with eye of newt or something. I dunno. I have used the apricot one as the basis for a turkey glaze. I am just in a PB&J mood, some am striving for that taste somehow..


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Judy, have you thought of just having the PB with some WF jelly sans bread or pancake?.

Be cool to mix them in a small custard cup and chill for a bit...

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What's with my posting tonight?.

I keep on hitting the wrong button!.

OK, to finish my other post..

This would seem like a PBJ cup!.

BTW, I love your new avator pic!..

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What's wrong with just putting them both on the spoon and then into your mouth???.

(Then immediately drop the spoon on the floor so you can't pick it up and have another spoonful before you get the stuff put away. Two second rule does NOT apply here! )..

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I wouldn't try the PB stuff, unless you don't have a problem with sweets. Serious trigger for many of us here...

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If peanut butter has been a trigger foood in the past I wouldn't do it. I can't stop at 1 teaspoon of peanut butter. I eat it then think about peanut butter for the rest of the day, and I usually give in. It is way too tempting for me to try. As Dr Phil says the predicter of future behavior is past behavior...

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Oh YUM?!? Where could one locate that SF peanut butter-flavored syrup?..

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