Medifast recipe for PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter?

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A few weeks ago, I ordered the 75% less fat PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter from www.bellplantation.comIt finally arrived today. OMG!!! It is awesome! It's a powder ... like it says. I ate the first tablespoon of it. Oh so yummy! The 2nd tablespoon is mixed into my chocolate pudding. Double yummy!!!! And those 2 tablespoons are only 54 calories. I'm so glad I ordered it! Just wanted to pass along the good news...

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Thanks for the recommendation. Do you remember how many carbs per T. off the top of your head?.


Comment #1

2 tablespoons =.

Cals 54.

Total fat 2.8 g.

Sat fat .55 g.

Sodium 94 mg.

Total Carbs 3.7 g.

Dietary Fiber .3 g.

Sugars 1 g.

Protein 4.3 g..

Comment #2

WOW sounds awesome, especially after reading the NT. Alright, now I have to order some! ;o)..

Comment #3

Mine's been on order for a while. Maybe I'll be getting a shipment soon, too! I'm so glad to hear you love it. I was a little nervous about ordering a PB powder, but what the heck! With those calories and carbs, I figured it was worth a try. Now I'm really looking forward to getting mine...

Comment #4

I can't wait to get mine............I ordered mine right after you..........


Comment #5

Yeah, it took a long time to get it. I did have an email from J.C. Bell that after "Hungry Girl's" promo of their stuff that orders were coming in faster than they could keep up. Had I realized when I ordered it where they are located, I would have made a road trip on a Saturday, bought it, and driven home. Oh well. I'm learning that food isn't as important to me as it once was, so I made this part of that lesson...

Comment #6

I can't wait to try it. Feels like FOREVER since my order was placed!..

Comment #7

Thanks for the report. I will give a little while and then make an order...

Comment #8

I am glad to hear from someone that has actually tried it. I wanted to order it but I wanted to see if how it was from a first hand experienced person. Thanks for taking the time to update us!!..

Comment #9

I ordered mine 14 day, 23 hours, 48 minutes ago (but who's counting?) Guess that means I've got another week to go...

Comment #10

OH MY GOD IS IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! The box was on my porch when I got home. Immediately opened it, wet my finger and stuck it in the powder. IT TASTES JUST LIKE PEANUTS. OMG, OMG, OMG. Mixed 1T in some chocolate pudding and was in heaven. Can't wait to mix it in my hot cocoa tomorrow!!!.

It is SO worth it! Order it today if you haven't already!!..

Comment #11

I ordered mine yesterday. I had to buy 4 jars! I hope I like it! I wonder how long it will take to get to Cali..

Comment #12

Glad to hear it's yummy. I just ordered some and will (im)patiently await my order..

Thanks again for everyone sharing their discoveries of new products with all of us...

Comment #13

Hurray - I ordered my 4 jars today too after hearing the raves. Thanks testers...

Comment #14

Mine took a month to get here, but I ordered right after I got the Hungry Girl e-mail when they got bombarded! Hopefully you'll get your orders much sooner!..

Comment #15

I am also still waiting for my PB2 to arrive but I did get a email saying it was shipped on Friday, I was very happy to hear others here have received their shipment.

Here is my dilemma with PB2. Peanuts and other nuts are my snack. 1 oz a day really helps curb my hunger, keeps my calorie count closer to 1000, and improves the terribly dry skin I have had since starting MF. Nuts have all this healthy fat and fiber. PB2 is probably a great flavoring but without the fat, it is not as healthy. But if peanut butter is your big weakness, I can see a real benefit to 54 cals per serving vs. 190-200!.

I use my 1 oz bag each day for garnishing and snacking. Here is a rundown of nut choices I found in Cooking Light mag which might be of interest here:.

Ranked by number of nuts per oz (~level cup):.

-Pistachios, 47 (shelled) nuts, 158 cals, 12.6g fat, 7.1g carbs, 291mg potassium, 3.1g fiber, and 5.8g protein..

-Peanuts, 40 (shelled) nuts, 160 cals, 14g fat, 6g carbs, 2.2g fiber, 7.3g protein, also folate and iron..

-Almonds, 23 nuts, 164 cals, 14.4 fat, 5.8g carbs, 6g protein, 3.3g fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium..

-Hazelnuts, 21 nuts, 178 cals, 17.2g fat, 4.4g carbs, 1.8g fiber, vitamin E, fiber, and iron, and 2nd highest proportion of monounsaturated heart healthy fat (Walnut are #1)..

-Pecans, 20 nuts (these are actually half the entire nut you would get from a shell), 196 cals, 20.4g fat, 5.2g carbs, 1.9g fiber, 38 % RDA of copper, 16% RDA of zinc, 2.7g of fiber..

-Cashews, 18 nuts (these are actually half the entire nut you would get from a shell), 160 cals, 13.3g fat, 9.3g carbs, 0.9g fiber, 69% RDA of copper, 27 % RDA of magnesium, and 10 % RDA of iron..

-Walnuts, 14 nuts (these are actually half the entire nut you would get from a shell), 18.5g fat, 3.4g carbs, 1.4g fiber, 100% RDA of alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid).

-Brazil, 7 nuts, 186 cals, 18.8g fat, 3.6g carbs, 1.6g fiber, high in magnesium and antioxidant selenium..

These nuts have less health benefits, Macadamias and Chestnuts, but to be complete, Macadamias have 204 cals per 11 nuts and 21.5g fat. They have some plant sterols to lower cholesterol, and Chestnuts have 69 cals, 0.6g fat for 3 nuts but do not have the enough of the kind of fat that helps your heart.

Buy in bulk and package 1 oz (1/4 cup) portions into snack size Ziploc bags immediately so you are not tempted. You can even pack into oz (1/8 cup) bags for morning and oz for afternoon if it helps you portion. Some packaged nuts have a lot of salt. One trick is to buy 1 can of flavored nuts such as lime and jalapeno flavored almonds and pound bulk almonds unsalted, and mix together in a baggie, rubbing the flavors and salt into the unflavored nuts...

Comment #16

Just be careful, you PBholics! You know who you are! LOL!! Think I'll leave it be for a few more pounds. Might be great on maintenance!..

Comment #17

I recevied mine Thursday. I'm currently off program and I still say the stuff is DAMN GOOD! When mixed to make a peanut butter, it's a bit runny if you follow the directions, so I lower the ration from 2:1 of PB2 to water to about 1.5:1. Comes out more like real peanut butter..

The flavor, though, is "there". It's wonderful. Even off program, I've been hitting this stuff up for a PB fix. I LOVE IT!.

Will start baking with it when I resume Medifast. PB cookies will get a good re-examination. Also have thoughts for peanut sauce (Asian cuisines), PB bread, and a dandy little idea I have for a faux Reese's ice cream!..

Comment #18

Okay OB! Hurry back! I can't wait to hear about Reese's ice cream!..

Comment #19

I am a confessed PB-aholic! I went ahead and ordered it and am happy to hear that it will take about a month to arrive. I will have four more weeks under my belt and will probably want to change my menus up a bit. Thanks for the info!.


Comment #20

Knowing my PBholic nature, I have a plan. My PB2 will go to live with a friend who will take custody of it and hand it out in measured quantity if I cannot manage it. Isn't it grand to have such awesome friends in life? But, Carla's advice is well taken. No sense whatsover bringing a trigger into your kitchen that you can't/won't manage no matter how wonderful it tastes or how well someone else can manage it. If nothing else, this journey is about learning who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are, if they can be changed and how our lives can be lived from here out for the better...

Comment #21

I'm doing the same thing. After 7 months, I think I have adapted some control into my PB addiction, but I have to say, that first little taste of this stuff was like heaven. Almost scary. So far, so good though. It's been in the house for 3 days and I've only had my allotted amount. The soy crisps are going to go lonely in the cabinet though!.

AND, if my weigh-in next Saturday isn't what I expect it to be, those little jars are going for a ride in my trunk...

Comment #22

Http:// Here's a link to the Snack Options document where Medifast announces that you can have 1 tablespoon of peanut butter a day. A tablespoon of regular peanut butter = 95 cals, so the PB2 is a real calorie bagain...

Comment #23

Me too! And this has been a wonderful way to have some and not ruin my eating plan...

Comment #24

They are suppose to be offering a sugarfree one soon. They are waiting for the lab analysis...

Comment #25

Thanks for the info...I just ordered 4 jarsI can't wait to try and make no bake cookies for my kids using it. I try to sneak healthly in whenever possible for them..

Comment #26

Cathy can you post the ingredients? I know they are suppose to be coming out with a sugarfree one soon. I am just curious what the regular one has. Thanks...

Comment #27

Got mine yesterday... made delish PB cookies.... oh my oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #28

I just ordered it. I did not have a PB addiction until I started MF. Now it tastes better to me than anything. Who knew? Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing! I was waiting to see how people liked it...

Comment #29

Where is this company located? I am in GA and heading the southern part of the state Friday. I can tell by the area code that this company is in south GA, but I couldn't find on the website where. Peanut butter is what takes my banana shake from unbearable to an absolute delight, and I would love to try the PB2...asap! I might just have to go visit them in person! Maybe offer to be a guinea pig with the sugar free version!..

Comment #30

I added 2T to my vanilla pudding last night and I'm pretty sure I was somewhere close to heaven. It is equally as good in the chocolate pudding. Can't wait til the SF version comes out... Where did y'all hear about that? I didn't see it mentioned on their website?..

Comment #31

I'm eatin' it in my vanilla puddin' right now. Oh yum!!!! I think I read Nutrisystem support mention something about a SF version. I haven't seen anything on Bell Plantation's website and I've checked several times. No mention in any of the emails I've gotten from them either. But, I'll be glad to try it if they make it...

Comment #32

Yes, yes, yes! It's yummy! I am really amazed at the taste. Please, OB, hurry back and give us some of your wonderful recipes!..

Comment #33

Thanks for the web site, I saw the post on Nutrisystem a while back. It has been on my mind since. So I ordered today, hopefully it will be a little faster shipping!! Thank you again, I am looking forward to the flavor without all the fat and calories in my shakes and pudding.......

Comment #34

This stuff is official great. I also love that you can measure out the dry ingredients so you know exactly what you are getting unlike trying to measure two tablespoons of sticky peanut butter. If you mix it and leave it in the fridge for a few hours, it seems to taste even better...

Comment #35

My friend mebersviller ordered some she is going to share.. can't wait to get it.. I bet it will be amazing in the shakes!..

Comment #36

I want to know if anyone is having trouble getting their order? I ordered 4 weeks ago yesterday and I emailed last Monday for the progress of my order, no response. I just tried to call and whomever the number belongs to, his mail box is full. They debited my paypal account on Feb. 23rd, the day I ordered. I knew everyone was saying it took about a month but what's with no response? Anybody out there having the same trouble?..

Comment #37

I'm not having that trouble. I ordered mine and got it within 2 weeks. I wonder what the problem is? I'd try to call them on Monday for sure!..

Comment #38

Thanks, missmep, I'll try calling on Monday. But I have to tell you, that aggravates me that you got yours in two weeks. Oh well!..

Comment #39

I've had trouble with this company on my second order. Sent order to wrong response back to my 3 emails or 2 phone calls. Last time I called their phone number, the voicemail recording said voicemail box was full and no more messages could be taken.

I'm not sure if this company is getting swamped with orders or simply have poor customer service. So far no response from this company. I'm not happy at all. I finally had my second order removed from my credit card and it is now in dispute with this company.

My first order with the company took over a month to get to me.

I've never had trouble with a company like this before. Just wanted to let you guys and gals know that if you expect to get your shipment fast it may not happen and if it unfortnately goes to a wrong address, you most likely won't hear back from the company, based on my experience. I'm very dissappointed at this point as I LOVE the product! But based on my experience with them, I won't take a chance and order again...

Comment #40

Ok. I just placed another order. Another thread said to go the $.50 extra for Fed Ex. First off, the price of everything has gone up. Maybe they will get more help. Four jars of PB2 is $15.96 - regular shipping was $7, Fed Ex was $9 something and FedEx Express Saver&reg - $12.71.

Now we'll just see...

Comment #41

This stuff must be REALLY worth it, because I can't seem to justify why I need to spend almost 25 dollars on peanut butter...

Comment #42

I ordered some last week and can't wait for it to arrive!!..

Comment #43

It took almost a month for mine to arrive also. I got an email from them saying it had shipped with Fed-X. And a date for delivery. That date came and went, I emailed and called the Co. No response. I then contacted Fed-X.

2 days later another confirmation from Fed-X with a distant delivery date. I shot off another e-mail to the co. telling them this was the poorest customer service I have ever dealt with. Never a reply, never an answer to their phone!!!!! About 1 month later I got the product... It is a wonderful product, but I dont think it is worth all the hassle, and the expense. just be warned about this Company. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #44

Guess what, I just received an email fro Fed Ex saying my shipment would be here on Friday from GA! Wanna bet it's the second one and I'm going to have to fight to get my first one? Anybody? I will say that I paid through PayPal so I think they will go to bat for you if you don't receive something. I'll let you know which invoice it comes with...

Comment #45

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