Medifast recipe for PB2 - omg, flippin fabulous!?

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Got my PB2 order today and I'm just in awe - this stuff is awesome! I made my afternoon shake with Dutch Chocolate & 1 T of PB2.......oh yummm..... To anyone doubting or rethinking or not sure they should try this product if you are any kind of PB nut like I am the kind that could just eat it by the spoonfuls right out of the jar - then PLEASE give your taste buds a fabulous treat and order this! It took about 2 weeks for me to get it after ordering, but it was SOOO worth the wait!!!.

Incidentally, I think I read somewhere that Medifast has taken PB away from us in the latest Quick Start Guide. My DH (also on MF) and I plan on keeping it, but I'm sure curious whether this is truly for real. Anybody know for absolute certainty??..

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Yep, it's not looking good here for the PB2 lovers!.

I use it about 3xs per week (esp in Gatita's spicy PB sauce for my stir frys),.

Even though I have been losing while eating this!.

So go figure..

I think they have taken off alot of things that are giving people too much leeway for extra fat and carbs. May be wrong, but I think Nutrisystem is reining us in with the snack, portion and condiment allowances!.

We'll just have to wait and see!..

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I just ordered PB2 off of ebay and got it for a few $ less than the website prices and it'll be sent priority mail! I can't wait to try it!..

Comment #2

I think it would be like anything else, portion control. PB is one of the things I lust for, but just having 1 tbs of the PB2 in a pudding or shake once or twice a week isn't diet threatening for me.

But I do understand that triggers are triggers. pastry is my worst trigger, so if anything like that shows up on an approved list, I won't go for it...

Comment #3

I was traumatized thinking I couldn't have PB anymore but I looking in the New QSG and found the list on snacks and when it said to go to to see the full list, I found the following information which looks pretty much like the old list. Hopefully this is still a good list!.

The following are a list of snacks you can have on the program, but make sure to limit to one a day:.

:: 1 Packet of Medifast Soy Crisps.

:: 1 cup of Sugar-free Jell-O.

:: 1 packet of Medifast Crackers.

:: 1 Medifast Fast Soup.

:: 2 dill pickle spears.

:: 3 celery stalks.

:: 1 sugar-free Popsicle.

:: 1 cup bouillon.

:: 1 ounce of nuts, unsalted, dry roasted.

* If someone was to add 1-2 tablespoon of sugar-free, fat-free pudding to the shakes, this is also.

Considered your one snack for the day. If you have 1 tablespoon of peanut butter this would.

Be your one snack a day...

Comment #4

Marci, I don't think they've updated that chart yet, because on the new guide, the SF jello has been reduced from a cup to a 1/2 cup serving..

Meanwhile, I am logging it in when I eat it, just like anything else..

Yep, I think it's about portion control, too...

Comment #5

I posted a question with Nutrisystem 2 days ago asking about the new plan. As\soon as I get a reply I will post it here...

Comment #6

I saw that Nutrisystem support answered a few questions already about the new plan. Apparently the guide got updated and is posted under Success Tools, but they haven't updated anything else. A small lack of coordination I guess..

Anyway regarding the topic, you guys are making me wish I liked peanut butter. BLECH!..

Comment #7

I log in absolutely every bite I put in my mouth. I will continue to use some of the condiments and even peanut butter. I figure if it hasn't slowed me down yet, it won't in the future. But....I do log it in to make sure I haven't gone over on calories or carbs...

Comment #8

I had posted a question to Nutrisystem concerning the PB2 on Friday. The answer they gave me yesterday was that we are allowed up to 2 Tbsp of PB2/day as a keep on smilin girls and enjoy your PB2!..

Comment #9

I've ordered my PB2 and I should get it today according to the email they sent me. My question is, how do I use it? If I put it in the chocolate pudding do I add extra water to compensate for the PB2? If I put it in a shake do I put more water to compensate for it? I can't wait to try it. Anyone have suggestions for using it favorite recipes!! This is my first adventure in adding anything to my meals, I don't use the syrups or anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks...

Comment #10

I didn't take it that way really. I love, love, love PB though! Can't wait to try PB2...

Comment #11

Hot dang!!!!.

Thank you for getting an answer!!!!!..

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