Panic & anxiety while on Medifast?

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Hi everyone I just received my first order of food. I am doing the 5&1 plan. I have had really bad panic attacks and general anxiety for years and I am on meds. Was just wondering if anybody else can relate?? I am kind of nervous about starting the plan but really excited too...

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I just started today. I have several health issues- including anxiety and depression. I'm really hoping this plan will help with those. I know when I was lighter and healthier I didn't feel as down and panicy. I totally agree that food fuels my problems. I am looking forward to getting back to a healthier me.

Good luck to you!..

Comment #1

I have suffered from panic attacks and generalized anxiety for 20 years. Can I share with you what I have learned? The food will not negatively effect your medicine. Caffeine makes anxiety worse. Chocolate and Soda used to be biggies for me. So cutting that out is a good thing. Lack of sleep can cause you to have a panic attack.

In three weeks on Medifast I feel very calm and much better physically. I have also been doing accupunture for my anxiety for the past year and it has made a tremendous difference. I am off all but 1 small dose of depression medicine a day. No more tranquilzers or staying in the house.

So jump and in and get ready to start feeling better. Utilize the boards often. To talk or read. It gets you through the tough times..

Hope this helps...

Comment #2

I totally agree with you Lisa..

Since I gave up caffeine, I'm a much calmer person. I also sleep better. I started drinking a bit this last week to help with appetite control (which really wasn't too bad anyway, just wanted an excuse to have a diet cherry pop!) but that night I just couldn't fall asleep. Twice now since then, same issue. So today, no caffeine for me and I'm going to see how sleep goes for me.

Really, sleep is everything for me. If I don't have enough sleep over a period of time, life is not good..


Comment #3

Right there with you char0429. I started Medifast just a few days ago (6/13) and I'm on medication for depression and anxiety. I'm hoping that this plan will help with both. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk :-D We're all in this together!..

Comment #4

Thanks for all of the replies. It helps to know that there are people here that understand and are going through the same thing. If anybody needs to talk or anything feel free to pm me also...

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How did you get started? I'm to begin in 2 weeks, after a trip, but feel like I don't know where to start. I too deal with anxiety, drink far too much diet Dr. Pepper and am scared this won't work for me... any suggestions?..

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I've only been on the plan for three days, but here are some tips I've gleaned from experience and from Medifast vets who've been kind enough to share their wisdom..

-WATER. Drink water like it's your job! I was not a big water drinker before and I thought I would have trouble with this but if you just take it 8oz at a time, it's totally doable.

-I also used to be ADDICTED to diet coke and starbucks, I would say that at first you shouldn't worry TOO much about quitting the diet stuff completely. I have heard that diet soda makes some people's weight loss stall, and depending on how much you drink the caffeine might be exacerbating your anxiety so cutting back over a period of a few weeks might be a good idea..

-To get my caffeine kick, I have a glass of green tea everyday (unsweetened) and a little bit of instant coffee in my morning caffeine deprivation headaches and I haven't had a diet coke in three days!.

-I HIGHLY recommend buying a little mini-blender like the magic bullet to make your shakes in (MF makes their own version, but you can search the discussion boards to find reviews and prices/etc of other versions). I've heard that if you don't use some sort of blender the shakes are really grainy and gross. I've been using my MB since I started and I absolutely love the shakes, so it's definitely a worthwhile investment..

-If at all possible, don't go too crazy with binging on your favorite foods before you start. On the other hand, don't deprive yourself's probably going to be a long time before you get to taste a really good cheeseburger or piece of pizza, so go ahead and have one last (moderate) hurrah with your favorite non-plan foods. That's what I did and I'm sooooo glad I got in that one last taco.

-Let the soups/stew/chilli soak overnight before heating them up. This tip is repeated over and over on the boards, apparently they are not any fun to eat unless you do this!.

-For ketosis (the fat-burning state in your body) to continue you must keep your carbs under 100gm/day. I use the "MyPlan" feature of this page to keep tabs on mine. Ideal for weight loss is 80-85gm/day. If you're interested, here is a link to an article that explains a little bit more about what is actually happening in your body during ketosis..

As far as getting started goes, I recommend jumping in with both feet and going for it! I plan what I'm going to eat the night before so I can mix up any shakes/soups and let them sit overnight (also I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to eat during the day). When I've had cravings for off-plan foods, I fight them by writing down the reasons I want to lose weight, drinking a glass of water, and looking at some inspiring pictures (for me it's Marilyn Monroe and some amazing pin-ups from the '50s and '60s). If they're still bad I get on this website and look at the success photo discussion board.

Okay I'll stop now, don't want to overwhelm you (sorry if it's too late for that! hehe). I'll just say one last thing: keep posting on the boards and sharing your journey! I ADORE this website, it and the people who use it have pulled me through my first three days and I'm feeling GREAT about the program.

Have a wonderful trip and please keep in touch! This WILL work for you, if you work it! I'd love to hear how your first few days go once you start..

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Zzs thanks for the great suggestions.I am having a chocolate shake made with coffee right now and it is good. I am doing pretty good so far except I am having a problem with having to pee every ten minutes and it is getting to be too much.I have had a headache today but no problems with anxiety so that is good...

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Hey char0429, I've heard people call having to pee so often the "Medifast Dash," or MFD for short and I think just about everyone experiences it's inconvenienceUnfortunately the water is soooo important, ::sigh::.

Keep up the great work!..

Comment #9

I can totally relate. I have panic attacks, seasonal affective disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I have noticed that once I adjusted to the Medifast program, my anxiety attackes have been dramatically reduced, and I haven't had a migraine since the second week on Medifast which is miraculous for me!.

I'm not sure if the improvement in my anxiety is just the diet or a combo of diet and exercise. I do find that if I skip exercising for about a week, I start feeling "background anxiety"...

Comment #10

Im right there with all of you. OCD, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Hypothyroidism, ADD, etc.. What don't I have. Even though I've come so far sometimes I just want to give in. Currently PMDD. That's why I'm lurking these threads tonight.

I get very little if any adult conversation. Just stopping by...

Comment #11

I started last Wed and am down almost 4 lbs......

I have severe panick attacks, but they are situationaly (that is totally not the right spelling) brought on. I no longer fly and elevators are a problem along with going to a large event that I've never been to. I was going to go off my lexapro while trying to do this, but decided not to, if it slows the weight loss that was ok. The weight didn't come on all at once and it shouldn't leave all at once. (no matter how much I want it to tee hee).

Veggirl don't get stressed about starting the diet....just remember it is what it is and you take one meal at a time. Dont worry about the posts saying the food is bad, because really I think it's actually ok. No it's not 5 star, but good grief you can eat it.

For your lean and green one that I found was good to start with was tuna fish. You can have 7 oz (think it's seven). I have 2 ounces at lunch at the rest at dinner. Eat it over salad and it's a meal. Just remember it is what it is......

Comment #12

HI there Emma, Ang, Star,.

Just noticed your post and want to offer my congratulations to your 4 lbs victory Emma..

Ang I see your posts on the boards and you are such a positive inspiration to so many..

I'm very thankful that Medifast has brought me to meet so many..

I'm on the one meal one glass of water one day at a time plan...

Also as a white knuckle flyer, hate the elevators, and those things that can trigger a panic washes..

Just never know when or where it will hit. Though in other situations I feel in total control.. advocating for others, do well in meetings and so on. I have seen a counselor in the past because the symptoms of panic and anxiety can at times cause me to be less productive as I want.

I do know that the caffiene that I drink isn't the best for anxiety I still drink a strong cup of coffee..

On the days that I incorportate the medifast momentum in the plan I don't drink the coffee at all...

Comment #13

Wow! Me, positive inspiration? Thanks! I can't believe those words were all in the same sentence. LOL. Caffine, I didn't know it could cause anxiety. I can't go without my coffee. It's not the caffine that I crave I don't think. It's the taste.

Thanks for the input!..

Comment #14

Hey guys & gals, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I'm not on medication because I can usually go for a few months without having an episode. Still, it sucks..

Mine is always related to health. I'm always affraid I'm having a heart attack or a stroke. Then you think about it and it gets worse with the shortness of breath, sweating and chest pain..

I've had heart checkups and physicals and my Doctor says I'm fine, I'm just fat..

I'm a bit nervous about starting MEdifast again, and I say to myself, "What if something bad happens?" Then I need to reassure myself that something bad will happen if I continue to live the way I am currently living...

Comment #15

Hi. Thank you to all of you for posting your experiences! I too have anxiety and panic attacks. This is something that developed about a year an a half ago. Once I was put on medication I gained 50 lbs in six months. The weight has only gotten worse, but not quite at that rate. Needless to say, I am worried about starting MF.

I am also type 2 diabetic so I to stress over health issues. Any suggestions? The one meal at a time one day at a time sound like a sound approach. I'm really worried about how hard the first week is..

Thank you all again for your posts! It is so nice to know that there are others who can relate to your life!.


Comment #16

I can relate - you will feel fine on the diet. If you feel anxious it may be time for a meal or a portion of the next meal - or just a nice cup of tea or a short walk. You will feel good...

Comment #17

If you need a little extra snack the first week, have one extra meal - it will also help stabilize your blood sugars and you will be fine...

Comment #18

Hi everyone! I'm on my 4th week, and I wanted to share what happened on my 5th day. I had taken some meds 1st thing in the morning, was having my coffee, and I had the sensation something was stuck in my throat (like a pill). My mind started racing, and I couldn't stop thinking about this sensation! I know now it was a panic attack. I started crying, and pacing around, and called my husband and my mom-in-law. I wanted to run down the street!! I went to my mominlaw's and spent some time with her, but for the next couple of days, I had the same thing happen 3 more times, just not as severe. I had never had a panic attack before.

I think I didn't prepare myself mentally for the financial committment I had made (I'm going to a mfcenter) combined with the thought for at least 9 months while I'm losing I can't have this, and I can't have that. I told myself, that all these things were choices I'm making, that I can choose to cheat if I feel like it. I'm not choosing to, but I could if I wanted. I'm still in control. This is a good thing I'm doing for myself. I don't have to be perfect.

I haven't had any more episodes. It could be the chemical changes in my body too. Probably withdrawal from sugar and all the bad stuff I had been eating too..

I hope you all do okay. These discussion boads have helped me a lot..

Good luck!! Janie.

P.S. I've lost 12.9 lbs I just haven't changed my ticker...

Comment #19

I know I'm chiming in late, but I'm new here.

I have suffered debilitating anxiety & panic attacks and been hospitalized for them & various other conditions resulting from always being on 'high alert'. At my worst, I was taking up to 20 adavan a day (bad dr.)! I have finally found a med regimin that keeps everything pretty managable. I take Seroquel to fall asleep, Prazosin to not remember dreams/nightmares/night terrors, & Lamictal to keep me from swingin all over the place. I must admit, once I accepted that I had a chemical imbalance & was going to need meds for the rest of my life (like a diabetic or epileptic does), it hasn't bothered me so much to take them. It's better than existing on tranquilizers!.

I finally feel like what other people must feel like! Oh, I still get nervous sometimes, but my heart isn't beating out of my chest & I don't feel like the world is coming to an end in the next minute anymore.

I'm happy. Fat, from the meds, but happy!.

Well, just wanted to let ya know that there is help out there, IF you find the right Dr!.

Good luck & God Bless!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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