Medifast recipe for Pan-fried shiryataki?

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I made the shiryataki noodles in a new way tonight, and was very pleased!.

First, I soaked in boullion for about 15 minutes, then drained it, and put in a pan with a little olive oil and garlic for a bit, then sprinkled with some parmesean cheese and let it get melty. after, I sprayed with a little cant believe it's not butter spray. yum yum yum...

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Gotta try this one! I love the noodles. Last night I fixed 3.5 oz. of ground 99% fat free turkey with 1/2 C. low carb (6 carbs in a half cup) pasta sauce and 1/2 C. 2% cottage cheese. After boiling the noodles and draining, I add them to the sauce and man, was that delicious!..

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I live in the chicagoland area and have not been able to find these noodles. Can someone give me a grocery store or something that I might find them. I am dying to make spaghetti!!! Thanks!..

Comment #2 I got the varity package so I could try different kinds. They have a lot of info also.Order came quickly to...

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Mmm..that's a good idea. What kind of boullion did you use? I have some lobster flavored better than boullion that I bought but haven't tried yet. Do you think that will mix well with the other flavors you put in?..

Comment #4

I just used ckn bouillion, but am a big fan of experimentation so go for it!!..

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Did you par-boil the noodles, or just soak them? I did the soak and par-boil and they were still a little chewy I'll try your method next!.

Muluv7 I had a hard time finding the noodles too, but finally found them at Whole Foods look in the refridg section where the tofu is kept at your local grocery .....

Comment #6

I've bought the noodles (yam & tofu only though) at Pricechopper, Shaw's, Trader Joe's, and Living Earth...

Comment #7

I heated them in ckn bouillion on medium heat for about 15 minutes prior to cooking them in the olive oil and garlic.....they are less chewy, but still "ramen"esque...which I actually kinda like...

Comment #8

A question please. I just got my order from konjac and the noodles are packed in a liquid. so would you still soak them in bouillion or would they be ready to pan fry or use whatever way you wanted..

Thanks so much...

Comment #9

Drain that liquid and rinse off the noodles, and then boil them in new water and bouillion! that liquid has a fishyness you won't be interested in..

Comment #10

Thanks again. I can't wait to try these. I need some filling up. LOL..

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