Medifast recipe for Pancakes?

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Looking for recipes for pancakes. I saw something that uses the oatmeal, but can't find it again. Please help!!..

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Here's one (not my creation):.

On 5/10/2006, Mary in Oklahoma said...

Medifast Pancakes! Hi everyone - just wanted to share that I've made really tasty pancakes out of the Medifast brown sugar and maple oatmeal. I've done it twice and I've enjoyed them each time. I mixed up the oatmeal with just a little over 1/3 cup of water. Add 3 T of Splenda and mix really well. Heat up a nonstick skillet or use your griddle and spray it well with PAM. Spoon onto the hot surface, making 2 pancakes.

They need to cook a little longer than regular pancakes, too. Flip when they are browned on one side and continue to cook. You can spray PAM butter spray on top and use a little sugar free syrup when they are ready to eat. I think they are good! Hope someone else out there likes them. If you like pancakes, these will hit the spot!..

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This sounds great and adds variety to breakfast. I am not the biggest cook, so I wanted to be sure: What does 3T of Splenda mean? Is that tablespoons?..

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I tried these pancakes and they were great!! Thanks so much for the terrific idea!..

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I tried this yesterday and it turned out really well. I really, really, really hate the oatmeal so it made it palatible for me. Plus, it was really nice to CHEW on something! LOL.

Very filling, too!..

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With that Oatmeal Pancake, try Smucker's new Sugar-Free Maple Syrup. It tastes and pours like the real deal...

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Wow, I tried these today and they are so good I felt like I was eating real pancakes with the rest of my family. I used Log Cabin sugar free syrup with and it was great. I didn't use a lot of splenda in the pancakes since I don't like them too sweet and they were still delicious..


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Since I last tried them, I cut the Splenda waaaaaaaay down and they taste a lot better to me. I find the Splenda to be a little bitter in large quantities..

I only used one packet of it and they were delicious!.

Just my two cents.


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Everybody using SF pancake syrups be careful a lot of them have like 12 g carbs from "sugar alcohols" which still count..

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