Medifast recipe for Pancakes??

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I remember reading somewhere on the site a pancake recipe...where is it? I looked and I cannot find it. Does anyone have a great Medifast Pancake recipe they would like to share?.


Keep Medifasting,.


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If you look about 12 or 14 lines below this post, their is a whole thread on the same thing!!..

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Hi! There are recipes that Medifast members have developed using the Medifast products. If I may use your question as an can use the Search function to find this topic, or any other. Look up in the orange bar just above this post. Click on Search, type in what you want to look for, and all of the posts with that topic within it will pop up. You then can peruse those posts and find what you are searching for. Try "pancakes" or anything else you would like to find.

Good luck...hope this works for you!..

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Thank you ladies...I knew I'd seen it somewhere....

Feel like such a dum-dum!.

Have a great week..

Keep Medifasting,.


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I am just going to answer your question......


Yes, you can make them and they are great!.

I use about a little over 2 ounces of water, mix in my oatmeal,.

Spray Pam or whatever cooking spray you choose to use, and.

Make two equal size Pancakes and turn them when they get brown on the sides.

And brown other side. Smear some great sugarfree syrup on them and enjoy!.

Be blessed!..

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Besides the cookies, the pancakes are in my opinion the best thing to do with the oatmeal. I have them just about every am..

1/3 cup of water.

1/4 tsp. baking powder.

Capful of vanilla extract.

Splenda to taste.

Pumpkin pie spice.

Mix all the ingredients together and let the batter "set" for about 10 minutes..

They are a little tricky because it takes quite a while to get them cooked in the middle. I usually cover the pan so it's more like "baking" them. Also, I add some kind of Davinci SF syrup for flavor - just be sure to subtract it from your water amount. I love to add Gingerbread flavor syrup and swap Maple Extract for the Vanilla.


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All of your suggestions are making my mouth water...I am making pancakes for my evening meal....

I really look forward to my oatmeal in the is hard for me to give that up just yet...tastes will tell....

Thanks for all of your ideas....

Later...Keep Medifasting,.


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